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Dirty Laundry and Brownies!

Do you ever think about all the stuff you have to do? 

Do you ever grow upset with the pure fact that there aren’t enough hours in the day, or the other fact that one task can take hours; and maybe the time that you’re sitting here thinking about all… that…. stuff, your eyelids are growing heavy and the headache is coming in strong because the clock started hours ago?

Maybe you’re a SAHM of three little ones…or maybe you’re a single mom like me… and maybe you use the kids’ nap time or your lunch hour to finish up the laundry that’s been sitting there… right over there–in the corner of the house that no one visits because it’s no man’s land… a land that no one wants to go to… a land that gets overlooked daily because it’s where people drop off their stinky socks.

Who wants to go to a place where stinky socks live? Not me!!!

Maybe it’s not laundry… maybe it’s the grocery list that you lost. You know, the grocery list you wrote four days ago? The one you witnessed little Lilliana drawing a pretty pink house smack-dab in the middle of, with pretty purple and blue flowers? You remember the flowers because we were thinking to ourselves, “she just drew over an entire ingredient list I spent SEVERAL hours of my life learning about on Pinterest,” along with the obvious “my little girl draws pretty good for a four year old…” which is why we didn’t stop her….

Maybe we refuse to tackle the grocery store without our list because there’s a good chance you’ll forget everything on it and just buy off the entire brownie isle.

I sit here writing this post feeling very sleep deprived and hunger driven (feeling a little like Homer Simpson drooling over the thought of a pink glazed donut topped with colorful and tasty sprinkles)…. with no coffee in my system since January 1st, because we are trying to decrease our caffeine intake. Are things really any better with no caffeine?? In this very moment, I beg to differ. A LOT.

…but now I’m tired because the crash is real… so very real… and there’s laundry to catch up on… and I used my lunch hour to play candy crush.

So what do we do when our brain space is taken hostage by thought provoking and seemingly useless information and ideas such as the brownie aisle at HEB?

Obviously we play candy crush. We redeem our Hut Rewards for pizza, turn the undergarments inside out for another day of use; we make sure that nothing is growing or crawling in that laundry pile and we write “Start Laundry” on tomorrow’s To Do list.

Let’s not get discouraged by that ever growing pile of laundry and forever lost grocery list. I’m calling an audible! It’s okay to have takeout for dinner and go to the grocery store with three little ones JUST for brownies…. it’s quite okay…

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4 Responses to Dirty Laundry and Brownies!

  1. Nicole April 5, 2018 at 1:18 pm #

    Loved this! I had such a laugh of life’s honest struggles!

    • Victoria April 9, 2018 at 11:55 am #

      Thanks Nicole! We get so caught up in making life SOUND and LOOK amazing….but we forget just how raw it all comes across. I prefer the “raw” version way more than the umpteen number of pictures and drafts it takes for us to depict what we want the world to see!

  2. Annette Sebastian April 10, 2018 at 4:16 pm #

    Thanks Victoria for keeping it real. Everyone’s life gets like that. Absolutely nothing wrong with dessert for dinner once and a while either!

    • Victoria April 10, 2018 at 5:43 pm #

      You are so right Annette! It’s “snack time” somewhere! 🤣