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Please Don't Ask My Son to Touch the Snake- Green Snake- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

Please Don’t Ask My Toddler to Touch the Snake

My son is a toddler now, so we’re getting out to enjoy all our community has to offer. In recent months, we’ve visited three community organizations and participated in outreach and learning opportunities. They’ve been amazing. We’ve loved them. The outreach teams have been fantastic. We’ve had fun and learned so much. And it is […]

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Fellow Parents- We Need to Talk Guns- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

Fellow Parents, We Need to Talk… Guns

A little naive, maybe? Let me start off by saying I am not a gun owner… unless Nerf guns count. And the only interaction I have with guns is through the headlines. We recently had a fun sleepover with a friend’s child who visits frequently.  So, over our ice cream bowls, our friend asks if we have […]

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