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3 Things You Can Do for the Mama Who Lost Her Child- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

3 Things You Can Do for a Mama Who Lost Her Child

October is National Pregnancy and Infant Awareness Loss. Loss is all around us, even more so lately, it seems. However, there are many women who still suffer miscarriages in silence. Many mamas cry silently on Mother’s Day because their arms are empty. Many others quietly remember, every single day, that one or more of their babes is not […]

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I Am One in Four

October 24th, 2012, the day of his in-utero anatomy scan, was the day we learned our 20-week son would not survive. The day we got the news. And now. October 15, 2016. The third year I memorialize my first baby, my Ian. I am one in four. I lost a baby, new to the outside world, […]

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Forever Loved

1.5.13 – Hattie Elizabeth Zustiak 6.24.13 – Emerson Daniel Zustiak 10.2016 – Baby Zustiak  If you would like to add your child to this page in memory, please submit your child’s name and date using the form below. We will keep this post linked on our sidebar for the month of October, but you can […]

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