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First date!

Remember Our First Date?

February brings with it all the love feelings. But love matters all year long! I wrote this account of our first date about five years after it happened. I’m surprised at how well I remembered the details back then! It was a beautiful time that I cherish in my heart. I like reading other people’s […]

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Why I Date My Husband

I genuinely enjoy my husband’s company. I think he is hilarious, smart, thoughtful, and good-looking. When we were dating, we could talk for hours and never ran out of things to say. Once married, some of my favorite memories with him are our road trip conversations, dreaming of our unknown future together. However, since the […]

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Unconditional Love Crying Child- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

Unconditional Love is for Crying Kids Too

You’re a mom, you’ve been there. No matter how much you swore your kid would never even cry in public, before you had kids. Here you are, in the middle of the store, the mall, the park, etc., dealing with a full blown melt down. You can feel all the eyes on you.  Looks of […]

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Happy Valentine's Day_

Happy Valentine’s Day: 3 Ways to Celebrate Solo

Doesn’t it just seem like Thanksgiving and Christmas were yesterday? Somehow Valentine’s Day has already moved in. As I was thinking about this holiday, I realized that there are many moms out there who will be riding out this holiday solo. Whether that’s because of a divorce, death, or your spouse is simply out of […]

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You are Enough- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

You Are Enough: Encouragement for Moms

Hey moms out there. I was sitting here, thinking about what to write for this post, and I was coming up with nothing. Serious writer’s block. Then I asked myself, What do I need to hear? I thought about it for a second (literally a second, because I knew what I needed to hear.) Encouragement. […]

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