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The Truth: A Love Letter to my Daughter- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

The Truth: A Love Letter to my Daughter

Sweet Daughter, Last night I watched you take your first steps. Oh, how quickly time passes. The realization that you will one day be a beautiful young woman and not a wiggly toddler in my arms is quickly sinking in.  As you grow, there’s going to be times in your life when the voice of […]

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Life is good with them in it!

How to Make a Resolution in a Word

Picking a word to set the tone for the new year is not a novel concept. I heard about it on the radio back in 2012 and decided to adopt the idea instead of a New Year’s Resolutions. The premise is simple. I pick a word or a phrase that I want to live by […]

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You are Enough- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

You Are Enough: Encouragement for Moms

Hey moms out there. I was sitting here, thinking about what to write for this post, and I was coming up with nothing. Serious writer’s block. Then I asked myself, What do I need to hear? I thought about it for a second (literally a second, because I knew what I needed to hear.) Encouragement. […]

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A Mom’s Job is Never Done

Moms don’t get a day off, and their job is never done. You know this, right? Moms do NOT count down the days until their retirement. Oh, yeah, that’s because moms NEVER retire. When I was younger, these thoughts never crossed my mind. I mean, moms have a job. They just do it. No questions […]

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Finding Inspiration in Motherhood

Want to know a secret? Being a mother is hard, and it isn’t always fun. Motherhood is not always tea and cake. Sometimes motherhood makes you cry. Things change fast when you become a mom, and sometimes we get lost in the feelings and thoughts that change is bad. Sometimes we even find ourselves overwhelmed. […]

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