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Dumpster diving endeavors

My Unenviable Dumpster Diving Adventure

I dove in the dumpster today. It was not how I was planning on beginning my day. I was planning to begin my day slowly… Drink a glass of water, make a juice, and enjoy a cup of coffee before heading out to Bible study. Instead, I dug through trash.  Let me explain. My boys […]

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The Thrill and Joy of Facetime Jo

I have a back and forth, up and down relationship with all the technology that keeps us “connected.” Perhaps most people do. I often wonder how different my childhood might have been with iPads, screens, and Facetime. Facetime. My boys LoVe Facetime. If I get a grandparent on the other end of the connection, it […]

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Why Yes, I Do Have Three Boys

“Three boys.” A few days ago while leaving church, this was said to me three times by three separate ladies. Raised eyebrows accompanied the short comment; one lady gave me a mere grin. I am perfectly aware that I have three boys. My oldest is six years old, my middle four, and our baby is […]

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My Kids are Annoying- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

My Kids are Annoying

I became a parent rather late in life.  I was 35 years old when #1 was born.  Like many childless adults, I was often annoyed by: Screaming babies in church Crying kids at HEB, Tweens’ chattering during movies High schoolers skateboarding in a parking lot Then I had kids.  With age and experience, I’m not […]

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My Son Wore a Bike Helmet Collage- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

My Son Wore a Helmet

No, not a medical helmet. A bike helmet. And no, at 11 months, he wasn’t a child bicycle riding prodigy. He fell. He fell a lot. And like any overprotective, cautious mother, I got him a helmet. And he wore that helmet for two months. So here is how it started… He walked early. At […]

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