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Dear Dad {Celebrating Fathers and Father Figures}

When I was pregnant with my daughter, the song “My Old Man” by the Zac Brown Band came out on the radio. Every time I heard it, it hit me straight in the heart. When I had my daughter Amelia this past June, the song became even more special to me.

I struggled with infertility for a very long time. I recall having a miscarriage once, and calling my dad in tears. He was so strong for me.

When I went into labor, my husband’s family and my family were all there. When I went into hard labor it was just my husband and I since it was so late at night. (Amelia was born at 12:05am.)

My husband was a constant in the process. He never left my side. He was intent on not missing a single second. There was a point where labor became overwhelming and I remember feeling like I could not go on. My husband was cheering me on and keeping me strong. Right as I got ready to push, in walked my dad.

My dad and my husband were there as our baby girl entered the world.

What made it especially special, is that my daughter and husband share a “birthday.” She was born June 15th and he was born June 16th. My dad is also a June birthday. My daughter was born Father’s Day Weekend.

The first three pictures we have of her life are Amelia with me, her dad, or my dad. She and her dad and her are inseparable. He would honestly give her the world if he could.

Fatherhood has taken my husband and made him a better man than he already was.

My husband has always been a gentleman, humble, faithful, and more. Becoming a dad and only furthered that. Before my husband became a dad he stepped into the role of male figure for my nephew. He and I helped my nephew receive his sacraments and stood by as his Godparents. He stepped in to help him join The Boy Scout program as he himself is an Eagle Scout. He is constantly trying to be the kind of man his daughter will always be proud of. I never have to ask him to get up with me in the middle of the night, he always does without hesitation. He is truly a blessing.

I grew up the child of divorce, but I never lost the relationship with my dad.

He walked me down the aisle. He was there for the birth of my daughter and my sister’s son. And though my parents are no longer together, he and my mom have a great relationship. We all share holidays together, which is commendable considering most children of divorce end up having to share time.

Thank you to the Father’s who become better men for their family. Thank you to the Father’s who raise respectful men, and are protectors of daughters. Thank you to the brothers, uncles, step-dads, grand-dads, coaches, Scout Leaders, etc. who are strong male role models for those who do not have that in their life. Thank you to the First Responder Dads, Medical Professional Dads, Soldier Dads and others who protect and serve.

Take the time to acknowledge the special men in your life this Father’s Day and every day.

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