Passionate About the Coastal Bend
and the Moms Who Live Here

Finding Inspiration in Motherhood

Want to know a secret? Being a mother is hard, and it isn’t always fun. Motherhood is not always tea and cake. Sometimes motherhood makes you cry. Things change fast when you become a mom, and sometimes we get lost in the feelings and thoughts that change is bad. Sometimes we even find ourselves overwhelmed. […]

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Boy and Girl at School

The End is Near

It is already April and that means the dreaded STAAR test. As a former teacher I know that hatred of this test, and testing in general. I think what teachers also hate even more is how hard it is to keep students on track after the testing is over, and I am here, as a […]

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That Crazy Thing Called Homeschool

Homeschool.  Why do we do it?  Well, in a galaxy, far far away….oops, sorry, that’s the wrong story. In 2005 we spent my middle son’s entire 4th grade year battling bullies.  It absolutely broke my heart each day when he climbed into the car and said, “mama, I just want one friend, just one person […]

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80's bootcamp- Corpus Christi

Calling Out Corpus Christi’s Bored Members

“There’s nothing to do in Corpus Christi.” “Corpus is so BORING!” “Why can’t we be more like (insert trendy city here)?” Husband and I moved here in 1997.  ON PURPOSE.  Locals are genuinely surprised when they learn that Corpus Christi is our city of choice. We aren’t bumpkins.  Husband grew up in Los Angeles.  I’m […]

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Wanna Be My Mom Friend- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

Do you Wanna Be My {Mom} Friend?

Our eyes meet from across the room and we both smile shyly at each other. We fidget with our hands while waiting to make the first move. After what seems like an eternity of wanting to talk to each other, but being too shy or too afraid to do so, she finally speaks first… and […]

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Yeah -- I scrapped this

A Bunch of Scrap

I never meant to get hooked. It started at a party. When #1 was born in 2001, some well meaning mom-friends invited me to a scrapbook party. You know the drill: Meet at a friend’s house, eat some appetizers, have a drink, buy whatever too-cute-for-words-but-way-more-expensive-than-you’d-normally-pay stuff they’re helping their friend sell. I did a page. […]

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