Passionate About the Coastal Bend
and the Moms Who Live Here
To the Kids Who are Different

To The Kids Who are Different

Here’s to your kids: The kid who loves to read The kid who would rather watch a movie The kid who loves to make noise The kid who is quiet The kid who loves to play sports The kid that does not like sports The kid who is a picky eater The kid who loves […]

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Did She Seriously Just Say That?

“My Olivia started laughing at three months, even though all the literature says it happens at four or five. But she’s so advanced already, so it’s not a surprise. I can’t believe your little Violet still isn’t laughing yet. Don’t worry, it will happen eventually.” Those words – oh, they sound innocent enough. The average […]

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My son, River at birth.
1lb, 2.8 oz, 10in long.

My Path to Motherhood: An Open Letter

Motherhood. If joy, then pain. Visions of walking the path to motherhood and of the perfect birth plan dance in most of our heads the moment we learn we’re expecting. Our water will break right around our due date, we’ll grab our already packed hospital bag and head out, or perhaps call our midwife to come […]

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Mother's Day Out Saved Me- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

Mother’s Day Out Saved Me

Mother’s Day Out. It really is a glorious thing. Something many stay at home mommas don’t even consider. But they should! Oh they should, they should, they should.  Not only is it awesome for moms but its great for the kids too.  They learn all sorts of things! And listen up you guys. These programs […]

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Life in the Country

How I Came to Love the Country Life

As a city girl gone country, if you had told me thirteen years ago I would find myself raising my children in the country and the owner of animals I knew nothing about, I would have laughed at you and called you crazy. But, low and behold, that is where I am at and exactly what I […]

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5 Must Takes to an Outdoor Farmers Market- Corpus Christi

5 Must Takes to an Outdoor Farmers Market

Spring is here! One neat outdoor event to do with your family is to head to a local farmers market. Around the coastal bend there are a few certified farmers markets that you can experience. I live in Alice, and our farmers market is downtown every second Saturday of the month. Farmers markets help bring […]

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Copy of 16 Fun Field Trip Ideas for Your Home School Family

Fun Alternative Uses for Old Baby Items

As a mom, we all know there is an overwhelming amount of baby items needed to keep an infant happy and thriving. But, what happens to these baby items when the child outgrows them? Here is a list of some fun and practical alternative uses for those old baby items! The Baby Bathtub– It’s on […]

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