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What the FORTNITE?!?!

I am always excited for back to school time. I’m ready for a regular routine again and it means my favorite time of the year, fall, is right around the corner. However, this year, the return to school was especially welcomed….all because of a little game called Fortnite.

For those who are lucky to NOT know about Fortnite, I will do my best to explain the phenomenon. It’s the latest, insanely popular video game that has my nine year old in some sort of trance. ALL summer long, that is ALL he wanted to do. If we were home, he was playing it either on the XBOX or his phone. As if that wasn’t enough, when he wasn’t playing, he was watching videos of other people playing it on YouTube.

I woke up one morning, thinking there were kids upstairs – kids that I didn’t give birth to myself – not realizing that the cool thing to do is play against each other online.

While I have not played it myself, from what I can gather, it’s about acquiring weapons and trying to murder each other…all while dancing?

OH, that’s another thing…the dancing.

When the kids are not playing Fortnite or watching videos of others playing Fortnite, they are doing the dances. I’m sure you have seen “The Floss”, which seems to be the most popular….and I have to admit…it’s much harder than it looks. So, kudos to those who have mastered that one. For all of us “old schoolers” the “Carlton”, running man, and even Napoleon Dynamite’s moves make an appearance.

I really feel for the teachers who must be having to endure the withdrawals these kids are having over being torn away from this game.

Hopefully, all the dancing that I’m sure is being done on the playground is entertaining to watch.

So, excuse me while I got pry the Xbox controller from my son’s death grip to make him eat an actual meal. I will then, pour myself a glass of wine and maybe practice my “flossing” skills.


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