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What I Know Now: Tips for My 40s Decade

It happened in the blink of an eye.

I spent my entire 30s as a mom. This coming May, the monsters turn 10. Now, I’m letting it SLOWLY sink in that I am on a high speed train through the decade of my forties. And I do mean high speed train.

I feel like I need a refresher on relativity or something to help explain why if feels as though the days and weeks and months go by faster as the monsters and the hubs and I (gracefully?!) age. 

One of my favorite coping mechanisms and things to read are stories or list of “what we know now that… I’m thirty!” or “I’m a parent!” or fill in the blank. These lists are not always age specific, but there are at least two (wink, wink) where it is late 30s and 40s. 

40s List

Some things that would be on my “what I know now” list of advice to myself, if I made a list, which apparently I am doing, would include:

  • Write and cross off items on a bucket list. I tend to be a do something and then add it to my mental list of “so glad I did that” items!
  • Save for retirement. I’m grateful that my Dad got to me early on this one!
  • Cherish our family. Make that call. And utilize the tried and true snail mail now and then. Send a random package! 
  • If you can, choose work and hobbies you love. Not always in our control, I know. 
  • Try new things. We have found some things we really love, and have had some great giggles over epic fails! 
  • Go to new places. Traveling is our family’s thing -weekend road trips to spring break adventures, we’re always up for a trip!

Wait, there is more!

  • Donate donate donate, things you don’t need or use anymore. I’m sure there are at least 40 Pinterest boards someone will use to re-purpose those items! 
  • Learn and accept my limits. We do not recover the same way we did in our 20s or 30s. (Too little sleep, too much alcohol.) The 40’s should be labeled the decade of moderation!
  • Accept that looking good is mostly about feeling good about ourselves. Fashion trends in my world mean fancy Athleta pants.
  • Make and keep basic health appointments. I’m super bad at this one, but I’m working on it.

Recently, one of my FAVORITE bloggers, Rants From MommyLand posted about her New Year’s resolutions and created an informal accountability group to help her achieve tasks. I think she is onto something.

So, be brave, and get your family and friends in on this super important goal and all of your goals. I think once we go “public” with them they are far easier to attain!

Bring it 41, this mamma’s ready. What’s on your list?!

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