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The Drive Home…

One of the last things before going home every day is the drive home.

Since I’m a single mother, I pick up my daughters after leaving work. Monday through Friday… and that’s when I officially feel like the drive home has started.

Em usually sits in the front with me, and little Lilly is seated in a car seat in the middle of the back row so I can see her in my review mirror most of the time if I stretch up high enough for her to be in view.

Now…. picture it. Three stage of life—all the same gender—in one vehicle.

All of us are done with the day (except for mom.) All of us are tired, hungry, and at least one of us is frustrated with something asinine that was said or took place during the day. It’s basically a crapshoot.

I just want silence.

Em is doing one of two things… falling asleep or chatting away about Susie Shoemaker and how they aren’t friends anymore. And little Lilly, well… there’s a debate taking place on what circle time consisted of and what day of the week her and little Carla think it is—but it isn’t.

You know, I could easily shut it all off, nod my head up and down, have some autopilot response with both of their issues and just pretend my way through the drive home until I can get some snacks in their belly while I make dinner… but the truth of the matter is… I want to know why Em and Susie aren’t friends anymore and I want to hear the argument between little Lilly and little Carla and why they think it’s Saturday and not Wednesday!

And you know what? It turns out that Susie thinks Em said something she didn’t say—so Em is going to try to talk to Susie and set some things straight. If that doesn’t work then Susie doesn’t deserve my Em’s friendship. And the reason little Lilly think’s its Saturday is because her teacher said that fun things happen on Saturdays. My little Lilly is always smiling and has fun learning—so heck… yes! Let’s make every day feel like a Saturday!

The drive home is different every day. Sometimes we just tune into an 80’s music station, other times we make a stop at Sonic or Starbucks and get our drink on. And other times, both of my daughters have had it rough and a nap is desperately needed.

Motherhood is something unique isn’t it? I love my two daughters with every fiber of my being. Every day is a new day for us to be genuine and try a little harder.

Every day is a new day to listen to their chatter and be a part of it, or you’re given an opportunity to provide counsel.

At some point, the drive home will just be me and little Lilly, and we’ll look forward to Em joining us on rare occasions. And eventually the drive home will just be me.

If you and I are leading similar lives… take a moment, take a breath and absorb it all. Yesterday is gone, but how was the drive home?

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