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It Takes a Virtual Village

Takes Virtual Village - Corpus Christi Moms BlogYou know what they say, it takes a virtual village.

Yep, I said it. The “V” word: Virtual. Oops! Is my millennial showing? 

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about motherhood so far, it’s that we need help. Mentally, physically and spiritually. And sometimes that help comes via social media, on a blog, or through a text message.

My village is virtual, y’all, and that’s OK!

My family is nowhere near, my closest friends are hours away, but you know what’s always close by? My phone. Meaning the people and information I need to be connected with in order to “raise ‘em up right” is always available, right there at my fingertips. Hear me out!

Even when we can’t literally be there for each other, those in my village have each other’s back with virtual favors!

When the realities of teething slapped me in the face and I began to communicate in solely sad face emojis, the Amazon Prime fairy made a surprise visit and dropped off my BFF’s go-to product for teething relief. And when my niece was born and I was stuck at home miles and miles away, my “let me pick up some groceries for you” favor was replaced by an e-mail Instacart gift card.

How about advice? Because I bet you don’t get enough of that as a mother. Need suggestions on how to stop a biter (asking for a friend…)?

Shoot a text, hit up the mommy blogs and message boards, or just throw the question out there to the Facebook world.

The great thing about a virtual village is that you can seek as much (or as little) advice as you want, from who you want, when you want – and you don’t even have to smile and nod when you disagree!

A virtual village means all the family and friends we’re so far from can still know my daughter well (and vice versa), even without “seeing” her often.

Yes, we have scheduled FaceTime with the grandparents. And guess what? When we see them in person, my daughter can hardly contain her excitement, because she knows them! And yes, I’m “that” mom who is always using her phone to take, post, and send pictures. I want my family to see my daughter’s first ponytail!  And I want my best friend to see the blowout that happened 10 minutes after I put her in the overpriced, personalized, can-only-wear-this-one-time-in-her-life holiday outfit (RIP.)CCMB Neighborhood Group - Corpus Christi Moms Blog

The best part of a virtual village is that it often leads to a “real life” village.

I want to connect with other moms, and if that means resorting to the Internet, then so be it! A third of all married couples meet online (per Google so definitely true,) so why shouldn’t I meet my mom tribe there? Shout out and shameless plug to the CCMB Neighborhood Groups for helping me find moms in the area who I now meet up with for walks, playdates and general sanity. Best of all? I consider them friends.

It takes a village to raise my daughter. It takes a village to keep me sane. And sometimes it takes wifi to make that village possible.

So cheers to moms and mobile devices! I’m so thankful for the virtual village that keeps me in touch with friends and family, and has also introduced me to a new, growing tribe where I am now.

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2 Responses to It Takes a Virtual Village

  1. Pam April 26, 2017 at 10:05 am #

    Such a neat perspective. I often talk to myself about giving up Facebook. But, the reality is, I use it for homeschool groups, field trips, bible studies, minimizing clutter, etc, etc…..I only have an almost 12 year old left here at home now, but I do use my virtual friendships often because we live life in the country and most of my family isn’t just around the corner….

    • Sara April 28, 2017 at 8:48 am #

      Exactly! Love to hear how other people utilize their virtual village.