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How to Bust the Boredom this Summer

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Oh, how everyone looks forward to summer when the pressures of “everything school” are set aside for a couple of months.  Our schedules become a little more relaxed, and we can let out that big sigh we’ve been holding in.  

Then, before we’ve even caught our breath, comes the well-known and often heard words….”I’m bored. What can I dooooooo?”   It doesn’t take long and the adult amongst the minions becomes a director of entertainment, wondering what to do to keep the kids busy.  

What can we do to keep everyone from going a little bit mad?  I have to admit, at the age of 51, my well has run a little bit dry!!  So, I like to call on some friends of mine, whom I refer to as Google and Pinterest.  What my tired, less than creative brain can’t come up with… these buds of mine are sure to provide.

There are a lot of more common boredom busters.  Such as playing some board games, putting together a puzzle, building a fort, watching a movie, going for a nature walk and looking at all the beauty the world has to offer. There are bike rides, swimming pools and picnics, which are all lots of ways to have fun together.  When all of those have worn out their welcome and we find ourselves in search of something new, here are a few things that might offer a change of pace or just a little something different.

My first find was this huge water blob.

I would never have thought of this myself.  Thank you Pinterest.  With some 3mm or 6mm plastic sheeting and duct tape you can make a water blob that is sure to provide some summer fun.  Pop on over to Fabulously Frugal for the specific instructions.  

What about all those random craft projects that you bought to make and do, but there is just never enough mom time to get it done?  The minimalist inside me says pull it all out and let your kids have fun creating.  You could end up with a cleaned out craft shelf and they could have hours of fun…. and you didn’t have to spend a dime!

Oh!  Another fun find?  Water balloon baseball.  Seriously?  Why didn’t I think of that?  Find yourself a plastic wiffel bat and a fill up a bucket with water balloons.  It’s likely the game of baseball may not even happen, because the fun is in hitting the balloon for a great splash.  You could combine any of your other water toys (water guns, etc.)!  And, if filling up water balloons isn’t on your top ten list of favorite things to do, check out those water balloon kits.  You screw them onto your faucet, turn on the water, and when they are full they fall off.  No tying involved. Just be sure to have a bucket or basket ready to catch them!

All things bubble… I haven’t met a kid that didn’t get a kick out of blowing bubbles.  This lady has a neat video with a recipe to make your own bubbles.  And here’s a little secret, she includes a fun science lesson as well.  And if you have a little more time to spend, go back to youtube and check out this fella’s technique… it’s a little more involved, but I’m telling you he makes the biggest bubbles I’ve ever seen!!  You will become “the best parent ever!”

One thing my son had a lot of fun making was his own light saber.  He used an old wrapping paper tube, some acrylic paints in the cabinet, and some duct tape for the handle.  When it wore out, he went back and made another.  Seriously, I think there was more fun in the creating of it, than the actual playing with it…

My last tip.  Don’t hate me for saying it.  Ok?  

Try to be part of the fun.  

Rest assured, nothing will bring a bigger smile to your child’s face than when you participate in the activity.  Put on your swimsuit or some old clothes and let them get you with those water balloons!  Make some great memories!  They’ll love you to the moon and back!

What are some of your favorite summer activities?  Please share!

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  1. Lydia Harris July 13, 2017 at 2:12 pm #

    Great ideas! I think I see the water balloon baseball one in our future! 🙂