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Remember Our First Date?

February brings with it all the love feelings. But love matters all year long!

I wrote this account of our first date about five years after it happened. I’m surprised at how well I remembered the details back then! It was a beautiful time that I cherish in my heart. I like reading other people’s love stories so I’m sharing a little piece of mine in hopes that you will too. 

It happened on June 8th of 2006, about 6 months after I met my now husband, Bruce. We were living in Belo Horizonte, Brasil on a missionary base. Both of us had just graduated from the Discipleship and Training school. We were young and very much in love, with no idea of how we were going to make a long distance relationship work. I was headed back home to Mexico within the following weeks and he was staying back for the rest of the year. Ever since our relationship has been adventurous and just full of surprises. Here goes.

                                    First Date!

Dear Bruce,

Remember our first date?

We had just gotten back to BH after our outreach in Chile, one day you were sitting on the porch and I walked by. You reached out to hold my hand, pulled me close to you, and asked me if I had plans for graduation night. I said yes. You freaked out a little bit. I was joking. You told me not to make any plans because you already had plans for both of us.

I was so excited and so nervous!

On graduation day I walked up to the soccer courts were the event was taking place. My heart almost left my chest when I saw you all dressed up and handsome, in a shirt and tie. I won’t forget your face when you saw me. I felt like the most beautiful girl in the world. You blushed and didn’t know what to do. We tried to stay away from each other so we could focus on the ceremony.

After the ceremony they threw a party for the graduates. We walked down to were the party was. We had barely said hi to a couple of people when you offered me a coke. I had it in my hand for three seconds, you took it out of my hand, drank it all and snatched me away from the party.

You told a couple of guys that we would meet them at the door, what? I thought you were kidding but there they were ready to go. We rode the bus and you mentioned going bowling. You say I rolled my eyes. Suddenly, the bus stopped, you grabbed my hand and pulled me off of it. We left the two guys behind and ran off to our very first date.

You took me to a restaurant on the 50 something floor of a hotel. When we arrived we were so excited to be finally alone that we just stood there in each other’s arms, amazed by the view, taking in just how much we loved each other. After a couple of minutes we got a table. You gave me my graduation present, a wonderful perfume that I am yet to find again. I felt bad I didn’t get you anything.

We talked for a bit before the conversation turned serious. I wasn’t expecting it but you asked “Do you want to be my girlfriend?” I felt soooo nervous I babbled for like 10 minutes. Finally, I stopped and thought, “He’s asking me if I WANT to… and I DO!” So I said yes. Your face came close to mine and we kissed for the very first time! My first kiss, it was amazing! It was everything it was supposed to be, I was on cloud 9. I was officially your girlfriend, what a night!

I feel warm and fuzzy reading it again.

What about you, I would love to read your love story if you want to share!

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