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My Daughter and Her Dad

My daughter is grown, but has not outgrown her need for Dad. 

I have had the privilege to watch my daughter, Angelique, and her Dad, Rene, on this journey we call life.  The bond these two have created over the years is something that I never saw coming.  He has been there to guide her, to encourage her and to believe in her when she doesn’t always believe in herself.  He has had those hard talks with her, spoken the truth when she needed to hear it, but most of all has loved her through many seasons in her life. 

As a mom it has been a journey for me to see and realize his impact on her has been what she has always needed throughout the years. 

As a mom my best advice is don’t underestimate the need our daughters have for their Dad. 

Rene offers another perspective.  He offers unconditional love and someone who has her best interest at heart… always.  

Rene and I have managed to be the best parents for our daughter even though we are no longer together.  And although we have our differences on how we should parent, our priority has and will always be what is best for her.  

I never would have thought the love between them would grow to a respect and a genuine bond that only they seem to fully understand.  They do have their ups and downs, but at the end of the day they love one another.  I love hearing him say, “she will always be my baby.”  

As a proud mama of a young adult trying to find her way, I know the love, support and lessons we have taught our daughter will only make her stronger.  Angelique is forever blessed to have a dad in her life who is proud of her and wants to see her succeed in everything she does.

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  1. Gracie rubio June 12, 2018 at 8:10 pm #

    Beautiful tribute to a wonderful man.

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