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Is This My Mid-Life Crisis???

I’m pushing my mid-forties, which, I guess, is pretty close to the middle of my life (I hope.) When a man has a “mid-life crisis,” he may get an expensive, shiny, new sports car. Or maybe a boat. You don’t hear much about women having a “mid-life crisis.” Maybe we always have to keep everything and everyone in check, so there’s no time (or energy) for any type of crisis on our end.

About a month ago, I found myself, a little… dare I say it… bored. I felt I needed some sort of “project.”

Just something to keep myself busy and occupied with when the kids weren’t around. They are twelve and nine now… so even when they are “here,” they don’t necessarily want to have anything to do with me… and I’m okay with that.

My nine year old and I had been following a page on Instagram that featured tiny, teacup puppies. They. Are. ADORABLE. We always talked about which one we would pick if we ever got one… totally hypothetically. We have a dog, Smokey. He’s a black lab, almost four years old, and most importantly, completely house trained. This mama had no desire to potty train anyone or thing again. EVER.

Then, I saw it.  There was a post on IG for a mini Pomeranian here in Corpus Christi. All logic went out the window and I had to have this dog.

This was it! This was my “project!”

Before I even realized what was happening, I was sending a message saying I wanted this dog. I told my husband, but surprised the kids. We named the puppy Blue because of his blue eyes. He’s been a wonderful addition to our family and we couldn’t love him more… even when I hear the whimpers at 5:30 am when he needs to go outside.

I won’t lie… sometimes I tell myself that a shiny, new sports car wouldn’t be waking me up at the crack of dawn. But, I have no regrets that my “crisis” turned out to be a four and a half pound lavender fur ball and not a red Ferrari.

Cheers to puppies!

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