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Meet the Contributors: Introducing Belinda Rocha

Corpus Christi

Belinda was born and raised in Corpus Christi. She is a wife and mother, is an entrepreneur and artist. She enjoys giving back to her community and is excited to become a contributor to CC Moms Blog. She enjoys painting and creating jewelry for her home-based business, Bel’s Art Studio. She also loves spending time with friends, family and traveling when possible.


I currently work part-time and own a home-based business called Bel’s Art Studio where I create unique jewelry and abstract acrylic artwork. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit as my parents owned two of their own businesses. So, I learned so much from them and actually working at one of the businesses where we sold 14K gold back in the 70s and 80s. Creativeness runs in my genes, so I stumbled upon a craft that I enjoy creating and sharing with my clientele. I participate in pop-up markets, festivals, exhibits and collaborate with established businesses.

My dream is to one day lease or own my own storefront where I can collaborate with other local artisans and entrepreneurs trying to get their own start. There’s room for everyone!


I am so excited to be a contributor on CC Moms Blog. I hope that I can share my experiences as a mother trying to juggle home, finances, business and a social life.

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