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How to Make a Gorgeous Seashell Wreath for Under $5!

Living in the Coastal Bend, my family finds and collects seashells all the time, especially in the winter when the beach is all but abandoned. There are literally thousands of shells lying around.  This past year, we amassed quite the collection ,and I have decided to start using seashells to decorate and craft.

My first big seashell craft attempt was a wreath. 

I have thought about buying one for quite a while, but they are pretty pricey.  So, I decided to make my own.  It was shockingly simple and the result was pretty fabulous, if I do say so myself! 

This is how I did it for under $5!

Seashell Wreath Materials

Shells collected from around the Coastal Bend (You can also buy extras from the dollar store for $1 per bag if you need to supplement)

Green foam wreath (purchased for $1 at dollar store)

Burlap ribbon (purchased for $1 at dollar store)

Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks

That’s it!

seashell wreath corpus christi moms blog

Two Easy Steps

  1. Wrap your wreath in burlap ribbon, attaching with hot glue every couple of inches.  I used the burlap ribbon to give my wreath a more beachy feel (on spots where it might show) and to give the seashells something to better adhere to.
  2. Start gluing on the seashells!  I found it easiest to start in one spot and work around from there (as opposed to just adding them in random places.)  I tried to fit them together like a jigsaw puzzle, minimizing the amount of dead space between them.  I also tried to evenly spread out the colors of the shells throughout the wreath to give it a balanced look.  Adding the shells took about two hours longer than I had originally anticipated.  However, the end result was well worth the effort!

Aaaaaand here is the finished product.  Ta- Daaaa!

seashell wreath corpus christi moms blog

I was am happy with how it turned out.  It has just the simple, beachy look I was going for.  I like my wreath so much that I decided to use it on my mantle along with my other new beachy décor!  I found a wreath rack at a discount store for $12 and it works perfectly to display my new beauty!

seashell wreath corpus christi moms blog

I love the uniqueness of seashells and the coastal feel that they add to my home.  And, I love that they are FREE!  Now the question is… what seashell craft to attempt next?  I would love suggestions. 🙂

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