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Hot Town, Summer in the Sparkling City by the Sea!

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, I love more then summer break.  For obvious reasons as a kid, no homework, long days at the pool, sleepovers with late giggly nights, and now, as an adult, freedom from the schedule with the monsters, no homework :), traveling to see family near and far – and of course here in the Sparking City by the Sea, beach beach beach time!

Corpus Christi Area Summer Camp and Kid Friendly Activities

We planned our moved to Corpus Christi so that we would have ample summertime to meet new friends and to enjoy all the things South Texas had to offer in the summer.

Lets Talk Day Camps!

We did two tours at the Corpus Christi Country Club Sports Camps – and they ROCK!  They are active all day – with tennis, golf, swimming, lunch, art and recreational activities. It runs from 9am – 2pm Tuesday – Friday. The kids are grouped by ages have enthusiastic and engaging counselors, as well as senior CCCC staff providing onsite oversight, keeping them safe and happy all day.

One of the monsters was over the top excited to try surf camp. We had met the instructors of Padre Island Surf Camp at a fundraiser earlier in the summer and thought they were a great fit. We were so right! They spend a crazy amount of time learning to surf, and being young and fearless, mastered it by midfirst day!  On one very calm flat day, they taught the kiddos to paddle board, played lots of fun beach games, and even had a day trip to the Aquarium! Monster #1 has this on her must do every summer list!

Corpus Christi has so many Day Camps to choose from . . . the list that the monsters created for this summer would take us the next 5 years to complete! Here is what they HAVE do, in no particular order:

South Texas All-Star Basketball Camp

Corpus Christi Hooks Summer Camp

Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History Camp

Corpus Christi Yacht Club Summer Camp

Harbor Playhouse Community Theatre Camp

Art Museum of South Texas Camp

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Sports Camps

Corpus Christi Tennis Association Camps

This is their SHORT list. So, I’ve started the vetting process and an attempt at a calendar. I’m confident we can hit at least a few new ones this summer and save the rest for next year.

What Day Camps did my kids miss? What are the MUST DO for your family?

Leave on a Jet Plane, or Out of a CCIA Puddle Hopper! 

In-between Day Camps, we love to travel travel travel! As non-Texas natives, our families are far flung, from Oregon to Illinois, to New England and the Florida Keys. The monsters love nothing more then getting on an airplane for a new adventure. They even like airplane food and turbulence! We have just booked our summer trips, hitting the grandparents for some fun adventures, and accompanying the hubs on a doozy… Italy. . . Fantastico!, a work trip that will round out the reservations. Itineraries are a different story and a work in progress, but the planning ahead makes me feel better!

Are you a planner or a seat of the pants traveler?

Uncharted Territory – Sleepaway Camp! 

The monsters were not quite ready for sleepover camp, but it is on our radar for Summer 2017. The short list of local (Texas based camps) that we have heard rave reviews of include: Camp Mystic, Camp Longhorn, Camp La Junta, and Camp Lone Hollow. My siblings and I were lucky enough to attend Camp Deer Hill in Center Harbor, NH. It was a month long stretch of all sports, including water skiing, arts, music, woodworking, hiking, road racing, eating in mess halls, camping and boating – I know my first few letters home were homesick sob stories (my parents LOVE to share that with the monsters), but before long, I was far too busy having the best summer ever to even come to the phone when they called!

As a newbie to the idea of sending my kids to sleepover camp, let alone picking the right one is overwhelming! I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts and add to the list of opportunities near and far!

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2 Responses to Hot Town, Summer in the Sparkling City by the Sea!

  1. Mary A
    Mary A May 2, 2016 at 6:53 pm #

    The AQUARIUM Has A Great camp! Kinda pricey tho, so we limit to 1 week

    • Becki
      Becki May 3, 2016 at 9:23 am #

      Oh boy – my monsters love that place – I will have to add it to the list!