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Happy National Coffee Day: A Guide to Local Corpus Christi Coffee Shops

I don’t know about you, but I really don’t need it to be a national holiday to celebrate coffee. I celebrate coffee every day, several times a day. Yet, today on National Coffee Day, I think the best way to honor and celebrate the occasion is to visit one of Corpus Christi’s local coffee shops! I had the honor and privilege of chatting with owners, managers, and baristas of these lovely shops, and I can’t wait to tell you all about them!

Coffee Waves national-coffee-day-guide-to-local-corpus-christi-coffee-shops- latte - corpus-christi-moms-blog

Owners Douglas Johnson and David Bendett opened up their Alameda location in 2008 (where I was actually one of the “original” baristas for a couple of years while I was in college! Oh, the memories!) Many locals commend Coffee Waves for bringing artisan level coffee and lattes to Corpus Christi. Try my personal favorite, the traditional macchiato for a taste of Italy and a chance to see their baristas mark your drink with a rosette, heart, or swan. Coffee Waves also offers homemade gelato, which is sure to please your child (or sorbets for those with a lactose intolerance!) The owners have a heart for serving and bringing their local community together, and you see that displayed through the local art on their wall as well as local bands playing in their shops on various nights. Coffee Waves currently has three locations, so you and your family can visit Coffee Waves in town, in Flour Bluff, or in Port Aransas.

Green Light Coffee

One of Corpus Christi’s newer local coffee shops, Green Light Coffee, is located in a quaint location downtown and brings a simple, high quality menu to the table. The owners, Jordan and Sarah Hans, actually started Green Light on a bus to serve the downtown community. They had so many customers mention that they should open up a shop, so they did! I, personally, tried their cold brew at the recommendation of the barista. It was amazing. The subtle nutty and chocolate notes of their Green Light blend are sure to please your taste buds. They mainly get their beans from a roaster in Austin, Texas called Third Coast, but also featured our partner, local Corpus Christi roaster, Driftwood Coffee Co., and Roastorium. The owner, Sarah, recommends trying the Nitro brew, which is infused with nitrogen and has a creamy consistency so you won’t even need to add any milk or cream. You’ll definitely want to go on a coffee date with your spouse at this trendy shop.


Eleanor’s Coffee Bar + Market

I had the privilege of chatting with the owner, Jessica Jignak, and I love her vision for her shop. She wants a place where all good things in Corpus Christi can come together, and she is truly embracing that vision. She uses local roasters Roastorium and Driftwood, partners with Fed by Bread (Check these guys out. Their mission is amazing!) and uses their bread and pastries. They also have locally made jewelry, soaps, and more. Eleanor’s not only serves up a good cup of pour over local coffee, but also offers cold pressed juices, homemade kombucha, and brunch. I tried their coffee with a blend from Driftwood, and it was so tasty! Plus I got a poached egg over avocado toast with microgreens, and it was perfection. All you crunchy granola moms need to give this place a try!

Island Joe’s Coffee Shop & Gallery

Owners Bryan and Brenda Tumlinson opened this unique coffee shop 2 years ago. Island Joe’s is more than just a coffee shop, it’s an art gallery where you can find the beautiful photography of Bryan Tumlinson displayed throughout the shop. Island Joe’s provides all homemade syrups (pumpkin spice, anyone?) pastries, and healthy protein bars. I personally love their Padre Paradise smoothie, and I got hooked on their cold brew green tea during my last pregnancy. What I love most about Island Joe’s is their heart for missions, specifically in the Dominican Republic. A portion of their profits goes to Villa Paraiso, and those funds feed 300 people a week in the Dominican Republic. I love knowing that my cup of joe is benefiting more than just my own taste buds. national-coffee-day-guide-to-local-corpus-christi-coffee-shops-coffee-beans-corpus-christi-moms-blog

Whatever beverage you’re in the mood for today, whether it’s coffee, tea, or a smoothie, one of Corpus Christi’s local coffee shops is sure to fill that need! Grab a friend and go celebrate National Coffee Day. And be sure to share what your favorite beverage is at these local shops so we can all give it a try!

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