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Fun Reads for Family Time: Encouraging Discouraged Readers

I’m pretty sure I came out of the womb reading.  

In my earliest memories, I was able to read.  I dreamed of the day that I would become a mother, and sit and share my favorite stories with my child.  She would know about all the fictional characters who have made an impact in my literary life.  Alas, the universe turned its wretched cheek, and I was blessed with a daughter who hated reading.  As a baby, she would wriggle away from me or cry when I tried to get her to read with me.  Why would this happen to me?  When she started school, I thought for sure her love for reading would improve, but it worsened.  I was heartbroken and worried.  Would my child ever grow to love reading?  

After being taught by some amazing teachers, and with the exposure to some excellent literature, fast forward to the present.  She’s now 8 years old, and the girl has fallen head over heels in love with reading.  It’s been awesome!  I’ve shared my favorite authors with her and she has shared her favorites with me.  While my faves are more classic and well known (Roald Dahl, Laura Ingalls Wilder, EB White,) her authors of choice are fairly new to me.  I’d like to share some of our latest reading treasures with you.

Dave Pilky

Dave Pilky creates heroes and characters that tug at the heartstrings of kiddos everywhere.  He’s the creator of Captain Underpants and my daughter’s new favorite hero, Dog Man. (He’s literally half dog and half man.)  I definitely recommend any of Pilky’s books for reluctant readers. Captain Underpants is a series chapter book, meaning there are multiple adventures of books, whereas, Dog Man is a graphic novel.  I’ve discovered that kids will read anything in the form of a graphic novel.  For the record, a graphic novel looks like a comic book.

Douglas Holgate

This author was very new to me, but once I met him, I was sold.  The guy writes zombie apocalypse books for kids! Pretty awesome right? His series The Last Kids on Earth are about a group of kids surviving a world taken over by zombies and monsters.  This book is also a series with currently two books published already. It’s an entertaining read with great pictures (yes, chapter books can have pictures) that you and your readers are sure to enjoy.

Linda Chapman

 If your child likes books about adventures, but isn’t into heroes wearing underpants, or zombie killing kids, the Rainbow Fairies series are the books for them.  These fairies are just too cute, but show bravery and intelligence while saving the day.  There is literally a fairy for any interest. This series has been around for awhile, so they’re easy to find at Half Price books.  

Roald Dahl

It doesn’t hurt that Hollywood has created a visual spectacle of his beloved novels. Once my daughter watched the movie preview for The BFG, she insisted on reading the book before watching the movie. Could my nerdy mommy heart be more proud? Anything written by Dahl is a great read for children and adults.  I feel like he often writes about things I would never say aloud.  Currently, we’re in the middle of reading Matilda, but will move on to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory next.  

If there is a discouraged reader in your home, have hope.  Sometimes it just takes the right  story to bring them out of their shell.  I hope you’ll recommend some of these titles and authors to your child or surprise them with one.  Sit them on your lap, while they can still fit, and get lost in a book.

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