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Do’s and Don’ts for Back to School

Dos and Don'ts for Back to School- Notebook- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

Parents, you’ve had this day circled on the calendar for months. You’ve counted down the weeks, days, and hours until your children go back to school. Emotions are varied, you might be ecstatic that your kids will finally be out of the house or devastated that your little baby is growing up too fast.  As you and your children prepare to go back to the classroom, here are a few tips on how to handle those first few days. And how not to.

DO: Go to Meet the Teacher Night.
DON’T: Go to Meet the Teacher night and then spend the rest of the evening Facebook stalking your child’s new teacher.

DO: Take a million adorable pictures of your children on the first day of school.
DON’T: Follow them around the campus Snapchatting every class, restroom break, and lunch.

DO: Pick up your child at the established dismissal time and place.
DON’T: Text your child asking if they miss you and if you can pick them up early.

DO: Buy some awesome school supplies covered with cats and super heroes.
DON’T: Buy those fancy pencils wrapped in adhesive paper or covered in glitter. Those pencils destroy pencil sharpeners which destroys lives.

Dos and Don'ts for Back to School- Chalk- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

DO: Buy five boxes of Crayons while they are on sale. Seriously. Do it.
DON’T: Only buy one box, those Crayons will be broken or lost by Halloween so you are going to need backup. Lots of backup.

DO: Email the teacher if you have questions about homework or classroom activities.
DON’T: Text their personal cell number at 11:00 at night asking why the word “cat” is on the spelling list twice.

DO:  Wait patiently outside the classroom door until the teacher is ready to let you in.
DON’T: Ask the custodian to open the classroom door an hour early so you can go inside and arrange your child’s desk.

DO: Have an amazing week back at school.
DON’T: Worry, Christmas break is around the corner.

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