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Dear Parents: A Teacher’s View on Teacher Appreciation Week

Dear Parents,

Your appreciation is meaningful and greatly accepted.  

Some people feel Teacher Appreciation Week is unnecessary. Some think we sing, play, and color all day. I can only share my thoughts, my opinions, and my experiences as a teacher, but I know without a doubt, that your children’s teacher loves and cares for them.  I know that every night before they go to sleep, your their teacher is thinking about your student. They’re reflecting, thinking, and planning ways to make your child a better learner so they can succeed and hopefully build a love for learning.  

We don’t want to look at your children as a test score and think about how their percentage affects data. Our students are more to us than test scores, even though it may not seem that way at times.

My students become invisible members of my family. We teachers sacrifice a lot of ourselves for our students.  

My daughter, Mikayla, gets excited when I start throwing goodies into the basket at the grocery store. She is sadly let down when I inform her that these goodies are not for her.  She knows the routine.  It’s another school year, which means she shares goodies, books, and me with a group of kids she may never meet.  She knows that I give so much of myself during the day to your children that I have little left for her at the end of the day.  

Your children are important to me and I’m working hard for them.  I know all teachers work hard for their students.  They’re all we talk about!  We’re always sharing and collaborating. We’re always looking and learning for ways to engage our students.  I have spent entire Saturdays in Professional Development doing all kinds of things from learning dance moves to being forced to speak with complete strangers all for the love of teaching.

Our jobs are tough, but I know that I wasn’t meant for anything else.  I’m thankful for your appreciation. Please know that Teacher Appreciation Week is not about the gifts (although we do like them.) We want you to know that we’re on your team and we are dedicated to your child’s success.


A devoted, hardworking, teacher

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