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April Fool’s on You!

I finally had the opportunity to play an April Fool’s joke on an unsuspecting 3.5 year old! I did it! And I didn’t even feel bad about it!

This year, April Fool’s Day is on Friday!! That’s right, go ahead and make an ordeal of it!

If you have ever wanted to play an April Fool’s prank on your kid, or wanted to help them become an epic prankster, April Fool’s Day is the day for it! Really rock your talent as a jokester, prankster, and all encompassing sly guy! But how? How would you prank your child or help them prank someone else? Maybe their sibling? Maybe their other parent or a grandparent? Here are a few ideas that are sure to help your April Fool’s Day go off without a hitch!

Fun Tricks for Your Family’s Rock Hard Sleeper (and Parents who Aren’t Afraid to Prank their Child!)

Moms and Dads, listen up! Now is the perfect time to pull out that liquid eyeliner. Use it to “paint” a mustache on your child while they sleep! When he or she awakens that morning they will be shocked! Or, consider putting a drop or two of food coloring on their toothbrush! What a smile! You’ll want to be sure to have your camera ready for this reaction!

Pranks for the Child Who’s in on the Trick!

Maybe your kids like to be in on the jokes! Let them help you out with some fun April Fool’s snacks! Visit “Our Best Bites” and check out all kinds of silly cupcakes you never knew existed! My personal favorite has to be the “Spaghetti Cupcake!”  Not only are these cupcakes easily made, they will be the joke of the day!! There are all levels of difficulty to make it easy to pick out the one you and your sidekick will have the most fun with!

April Fools on You- Corpus Christi Moms Blog Car Sign Prank

For the Unsuspecting Parent

Is there any better April Fool’s victim than the unsuspecting parent? Listen up kids! A simple and classic trick that’s fun to play is attaching a sign to the back of your Mom or Dad’s vehicle! Something simple like, “MY KIDS FOOLED ME!! HONK IF YOU LOVE APRIL FOOL’S!!” should do the trick. Your parents will never know what happened. Legendary!

Food Eyes April Fools on You- Corpus Chrisi Moms Blog

A Joke for that Hungry Hunter in your House

What family doesn’t have someone who stares blankly into the refrigerator like some glorious snack is about to appear before their very eyes? Yea, me too! So, let’s get in on this and make it come full circle! Visit a local arts and crafts supply store, and pick up some “googly eyes,” or if you’re feeling crafty, create your own! Then, stick them on whatever is in the refrigerator: milk, eggs, juice… whatever! Any surface they will stick to! Haha, that’s right hungry hunter! Stare at that!

Whatever you choose to do this April Fool’s Day, always be safe and cautious. Kids, make sure an adult knows your plans and approves before you do anything. Parents… go forth and conquer! It’s time for you to be that cool parent who pranks their kid on April Fool’s Day!

What are some of your family’s favorite April Fool’s Day tricks?

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  1. Mary A
    Mary A March 31, 2016 at 1:13 pm #

    Hmmmm. So if I tell my husband I’m pregnant. …

    Can’t. Too mean!