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5 Things I’ve Learned as a Toddler Mom


The number of things I’ve learned since having a child are countless, but there are a few things that really stick out lately as we enter the toddler years. So, without further ado, please enjoy this list of 5 things I’ve learned as a toddler mom so far:

1. Do unto your dog as you would have them do unto you.

Our dog, like most, is notorious for being in the way. My husband and I always joked that our daughter’s first words would be “Move, Pippa!” We didn’t expect, however, for her to just start yelling “MOOOOOVE!” to everyone and everything. I am 100% certain she got that from my husband. Regardless, in an attempt to teach her {and ourselves} some manners, we now politely ask the dog to move by sweetly saying “Excuse me, Pippa!” one hundred million times a day.5-Things-Learned-Toddler-Mom-Love-Dog-Corpus-Christi-Moms-Blog

2. The best things in life are free-ish.

It seems the more I spend on something, the less my daughter is interested. The overpriced Valentine’s day stuffed animal? That’s awesome but, “Mom, DID YOU SEE THIS EMPTY WATER BOTTLE?” I was honestly kind of excited when we started ordering off the kids’ menu for her at restaurants {so young and naive,} but I quickly realized at this age it’s a waste of money as she’d rather just eat a straw wrapper, or anything that’s on my plate, instead.

5-Things-Learned-Toddler-Mom-Best-Free-Waterbottle-Corpus-Christi-Moms-Blog3. You can do anything you put your mind to, when you don’t have time to put your mind to it.

I am typically terrified {understatement} of bugs. But a bug near my child?… COME AT ME, BRO! Roaches, wasps, scorpions {this is Texas, y’all,} BOOM. Dead. See ya! I’ve also found speed and strength from way down deep inside that I had no idea existed. My toddler got a little too brave at the playground recently and was very near plummeting to her death when I just casually American Ninja Warrior-ed it over to her rescue out of nowhere. When we don’t have time to even think about it, moms really can do anything!

4. Toddlers fight tooth and nail. Literally.

HOW COME NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT TEETHING? Once it started, it hasn’t stopped. There are no periods of teething. It’s just life now. And nail trimming! Do some children actually sit still and willingly allow you to do this? I have resorted to Mickey Mouse on the iPhone and even that’s a struggle. Toddlers will fight tooth and nail when it comes to, just that… teeth and nails! I have no advice. Please just be mentally prepared for what’s coming your way. You got this, mommas! This too shall pass. I think.

5. Try not to sweat the small stuff.

HA! Post-baby hormones are out of control {do these ever go away?} and “trying” isn’t going to stop this sweating. I have learned not to worry about the small stuff. I used to be a clean freak…WOW did motherhood strip that characteristic away quickly! I once {or twice} genuinely got upset with my husband about the way he loaded the dishwasher in the past. Just typing that makes me cringe. HE LOADED THE DISH WASHER, PEOPLE! These days I’m like, “Hey, a clean fork! A motherhood miracle!” Laundry to fold? Floors to vacuum? It’s all good, y’all! We’re happy and healthy and the toddler is alive. Matthew McConaughey put it best: “You just gotta keep livin’, man. L-I-V-I-N.”

So there you have it! 5 things I’ve learned as a toddler mom… so far.

What should I be preparing for next? Let me know so this momma can get her mind right!

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