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10 Time Saving Hacks for the ‘Type A’ Mom

I’m a new mom and don’t know it all… not even close! But I’ve learned a few time saving hacks that shave a few seconds off my day. They help me get things done faster and more efficiently so I’m available for my little guy.

Before I get too far though, let me warn you. I’m a Type A personality. And a Type A mom. I obsess over doing more and being more efficient. It’s silly, but it’s how my brain works. Afterall, every little bit helps!

So let’s get started…

1. Wear Slides. I’ve quit shoe laces {unless I’m working out} and only wear heels occasionally. {Never.} Flip flops are great, but when I’m going out, closed toe slides or ballet flats are my favorite. They’re especially great for helping me look a little bit more pulled together than I feel. And bonus! No one knows how badly you need a pedicure!

Time Saving Hacks for the Type A Mom- Slides- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

2. Crockpot Freezer Meals. I have food allergies and don’t eat gluten, dairy, or soy. When my son was born, I altered my diet even more drastically to help manage his reflux. While up crazy hours of the night, I discovered crockpot freezer meals, which let you prep lots of meals, in advance, without cooking. Just freeze your assembled, uncooked ingredients in freezer bags. Thaw them overnight when you’re ready, dump them in a crockpot, and serve. Voila! Not sure where to start? Newleaf Wellness has lots of free recipes and grocery lists! Saved. My. Life.

Sidebar: I get that this photo doesn’t look appetizing. It’s what I had handy. {Time saving!} But these freezer meals? I prepped them before Harvey. I packed them in an ice chest when we evacuated. We had food to feed the family who took us in. We had meals when we got back home. These freezer meals were life savers!

3. A Sliding Scale of Makeup Options. Before having my son, I pretty much did my makeup if I left the house. Now, I have a sliding scale of makeup options. If I’m running out quick in the morning, working out, had a rough night, or am not really worried about running into people, I wear no makeup. When I’m planning on seeing people but am short on time, I throw on some mascara and lipstick so it looks like I tried a little. Thanks to Amy, I may also use some tinted sunscreen or chapstick. Something fancy or important is going on if I use foundation, blush, and eyeliner. Eyeshadow is no more, and surprisingly, I don’t really miss it.

Sidebar: My favorite lipstick was thrown in the toilet by someone cute and small. Oh well, one less thing.

4. Sleep in Gym Clothes. Want to workout in the morning? Wear your gym clothes to bed and save time, increasing your odds exponentially!

5. Receive Bills and Snail Mail via Email. Mail piles make me nuts. Everything I can put on electronic pay, I do. Less mail and stuff to sort is a very good thing. I’ve quit most catalogs and magazines all together.

6. Unsubscribe from Junk Mail. Similar to requesting electronic bills, unsubscribing from junk mail saves you mail processing time and clears your counter. Two great places to start are and I’ve noticed a sizable decrease in junk mail since signing up.

7. Manage Groceries and Recipes with Paprika. I rarely buy apps. But this one, I love! It stores your recipes electronically and makes it easy to save recipes you find online. Paprika also has meal planning capabilities and even creates a grocery list for you based on items needed for a recipe. Doubling a recipe or cutting it in half? Paprika does the measurement math for you! Sharing recipes is a breeze! Seriously. I love this app!

8. A Shorter Haircut. This isn’t for everyone, but when I had my son, I cut my hair short. It saved me wash time and styling time when I didn’t feel like I had it. I even used waterless shampoo on occassion so I could shower faster. Now that my son’s older, my hair is longer, but I really liked the ease of having a short hairstyle early on.

9. Double Everything. If you’re cooking it, double it. Turn one day’s efforts into twice the payoff. {Unless you’re making my allergen friendly waffles. Don’t double those. Really.}

My Ultimate Breakfast Fail- Bad News Pancakes- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

10. Embrace Minimalism. Less stuff means less to clean and less to sort through. I have a long way to go before becoming a minimalist, but clearing the clutter, {clothing, cookware, books, and toys!} helps me find what I love that much faster when it’s missing. I work at eliminating clutter continuously.

What time saving tips or shortcuts have you discovered since becoming a mom?

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