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National Margarita Day is a Thing!

National Margarita Day. I’ll pause for a bit so you can type that date in your calendar. Go ahead. I’ll wait here.

Are you back? Cool. Let’s keep this public service announcement going, shall we? February 22nd is the day we honor the gift from the alcohol gods, the Mighty Margarita. No matter how and where you decide to celebrate, make sure you observe with reverence, respect, and responsibility.

Below are a few Corpus Christi hotspots where you can meet up with some friends to have a tasty good time.  Also included are a few recipes if you plan on celebrating at home after baths and bedtimes. So let’s get ready to party! #ccmomsmargaritaday2017

(Please drink responsibly and call a friend or a taxi [Green N Go Cab: 361.299.9999] if you feel like you cannot make it home on your own.)


Mesquite Street Pizza and Pasta Co.

Mesquite Street gets very creative with their pizzas, but it’s their drinks that take the spotlight. Perhaps the most popular is the Big Red Margarita. Big Red is my jam, so I’m all over this.


If you want to take the family out for a good meal and have a drink on the side, Cheddar’s is the perfect place to do it. The Maui Margarita is fruity bliss and their Skinny Margarita takes away the guilt and extra calories.


Even though it’s not Friday, you can still pretend it is. The BFM and Sangria ‘Rita are sure to get you through the Hump Day.

Harrison’s Landing

If you’re looking for an outdoor escape, mosey on over to Harrison’s Landing for a relaxed, bay-side atmosphere. Sip on the Pleasure Pier Margarita as you drink in the beautiful sights of downtown Corpus Christi.   

If you’ve decided to celebrate National Margarita Day at home, here are a few fun Margarita recipes that will get you in the spirit.

Cranberry Margaritas

Creamsicle Margaritas

Champagne Margaritas

Four of the Best Skinny Margaritas

Over 50 Margarita Recipes

How will you celebrate National Margarita Day? Do you have a favorite local hot spot that we missed?

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