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Did Someone Say Watermelon?

July - national watermelon month combOne of our favorite treats as a family is watermelon. As it so happens, July is National Watermelon Month. There isn’t any specific information to back up the origination date of this observance. But for those of us that enjoy watermelon, it really doesn’t matter. We will eat it any time really.  But we do favor it when it’s in season.

The lazy side of me enjoys a sweet, seedless watermelon. The fun side of me will take one with seeds when they come. As long as I can be outside. Because who doesn’t love a good seed spitting contest?!?

Some of my fondest memories involve sitting around a campfire with my family and friends, slurping on a hunk of roughly cut watermelon. Feeling the juice as it drips down my chin and arms. Followed by a quick jump in the pool to get rid of all the stickyness. 

I enjoy watermelon by itself and sometimes with a sprinkle of salt. These days I use my melon baller and take out all the meat to store in a bowl. My husband and son are more apt to eat it if it’s an easy to grab snack. 

My mom likes to make watermelon smoothies. She’s diabetic so she just uses watermelon and a splash of lemon. She resists adding any extra sugar and allows the sweetness of the watermelon to stand for itself. After blending it up she allows it some time to freeze and claims it’s delicious!

I’ve made a watermelon salsa that we really enjoyed. I chopped up some watermelon, mango, and red onion. I added some lime zest and lime juice. A bit of pepper and a drizzle of honey. Fresh basil is good if you have it and a sprinkle of garlic salt. These days we’re a gluten free family so we use a corn chip for dipping or a gluten free cracker. In our pre-gluten free days, pita chips were one of our favorites. 

Its always fun to keep it simple and mix up some fresh cut watermelon with some strawberries and blueberries.  After chilling for a bit, it’s such a cool and refreshing treat.

One thing I’m hankering to try is grilled watermelon.  I’ve never had it, but would love to try it.  Have you tried it grilled?  What did you think?  Would love to hear your take on it.

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