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Learning More about Autism

I still remember my daughter, Angelique coming home and telling me about a class presentation her school counselors had done that day.  After learning so much, Angelique was very intrigued with the topic of Autism. I thought to myself, “why this topic?” 

I later learned that Angelique’s middle school is a school with a special program for children with Autism.  I had no idea. 

My daughter learned about all the different spectrums of Autism and was even advised by the counselors to be friends with others who had Autism.

At the time, one of my coworkers also had a son who had Autism.

Angelique and I interacted with him as well, and the topic of Autism became more personal to us both as we built a relationship with this young man. His dad was so aware of his needs and was so proud of his son.  I loved watching the interaction they had one with one another. My friend catered to the needs of his son, but also allowed him to explore.  I enjoyed learning more and more of his achievements.  It meant so much to my friend.  My daughter and I especially loved when this young man would have that moment where he would show us love or even talk to us.  I know it mean a lot to his dad to celebrate the milestones he had.  

Angelique and I both learned to be aware of others and to celebrate milestones along the way.

I always loved how my friend was and is still believing for an Autism breakthrough! I love the faith he has in his son and for the accomplishments he has seen so far.

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