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To get the INK or to not get INK : Contemplating a Tattoo

I think I want to get my first ever TATTOO!


Okay, so I know I am closing in on my 50th birthday and that this is probably what some would call a mid-life crisis – but I can’t stop thinking about getting a tattoo.

To Ink or Not to InkI grew up in the ’70s and ’80s with a family where no one had a tattoo and I felt it was kind of considered “trashy” to have one. This mentality was instilled into my way of life for quite a bit of time.  I was always concerned with “changing my mind” as I was older or having the tattoo look gross and wrinkly as I got older and older.  I definitely did not fall victim to the “tramp stamp” craze – thank goodness. 

All of my professions looked down on tattoos in the workplace  – If the ink was visible – it had to be covered.  Just another reason to add to why I never got one.  But here we are in 2020, and I find myself a minority.  I know more people with tattoos than I do without.  I have learned to appreciate/respect those who have visible and nonvisible ink. I promise  – I am not considering a tattoo because of peer pressure — but more because I feel I actually have a good “story/reason” to go with my decision.

My decision started to get more real about a year ago.  I have been reading, listening to, and watching my favorite mom, writer, and business influencer, Ms. Rachel Hollis for about that much time.  I can relate to her on so many levels.  Over the past few months – I have heard some of the stories of her tattoos and her reasons behind getting them.  This caused me to look deeper into what I would want to get and why.  So, what did I decide on?  Well, I have not gotten one yet BUT I did try out a 2-3 week temporary tattoo from InkBox and I think I love it.

temporary _ Tattoo


Why did I decide on the simple word of TEACHER?  Well, that is me described all the way down to one simple word.  I am a teacher.  I teach my children, I have taught hundreds of children math all over Texas, I now teach people in my current field of business, and I know deep down I will never stop teaching others by example.

Back to the temporary tattoo situation – since I have another year before I turn the BIG 50 – I have some time before the big decision.  I definitely like the position of the tattoo on my right inside wrist – my main issue is with the font.  I started with a simple block print but now I think I might want something more script.  The great part about the temporary thing is I can just order another one with a different font and try that one out before I make it permanent.

My indecision led me to find an online store that allows you to search for temporary tattoos or to design your own.  If you are interested – click this link to save $10 on your own temporary tattoo order.

The countdown to my 50th has started, so stay tuned to what I officially decide to do to celebrate in August 2021.

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    Nicole May 15, 2020 at 9:27 am #

    Get the tattoo! Ask yourself, does it have a story? Does it have meaning, (specifically to you) and lastly, will it always have meaning and pertain to you. I know you personally, so in this case, thats yes, yes and always! You were born to teach and you will always teach and you do it well! Go for it! You are such an inspiration in all things!

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