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Staying {weather} Safe with Reverse Alert

We are in the midst of hurricane season. With memories of Harvey still very fresh, and a possible tropical storm forming over the next few days in the Gulf of Mexico, with a couple more on her heels, my stress-o-meter is amped up. 

The reason I know about the chance of strong weather is because I subscribe to Reverse Alert. 

Here’s an example of a Reverse Alert notification:

Reverse Alert is free service for residents of Nueces County.

Sign up online here:

Reverse Alert Registration

From the Reverse Alert website: 

The alert program enables citizens to get time-sensitive information about emergencies and other important community news straight from local officials. Whether it is severe weather, unexpected road closures, missing persons or evacuations you will know… now.

Information will be delivered where you specify such as your home, mobile or business phone, email, text and more. You pick where, you pick how. Likewise, you can opt out of the alerts or change notification preferences at any time. Sign up today and know…now!

(I would add you can also choose to receive alerts about active shooter situations….A topic for another day.)

Reverse Alert is another tool in your information arsenal, to help keep you informed and your family safe. 

Now off to the store to stock up on water and Spam. Cause you never know 🙂 

Stay Safe #CCMBMoms!

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