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Top 20 Posts of 2016 {Our Year in Review}

2016 was an exciting year for Corpus Christi Moms Blog!

And it is with deep gratitude and thankful hearts that we wish you and yours a Happy New Year!

In 2016 we added new team members, launched our community calendar and neighborhood groups, shared stories and perspectives from guest writers, and geared up for hosting fun events in 2017! We look forward to continued connecting and sharing in this new year!

As 2016 came to a close, we counted down our top posts of the year. Here’s a recap of them all, here in one place, in case you missed any!


Top Posts of 2016

20. Maggie’s Legacy {Child Abuse Awareness Month} by: Laura

prevent child abuse walk

“What followed, for me, was days of turmoil and grief. I visited with the priest who was at Maggie’s hospital bedside 1998, and listened to him describe Maggie’s mom rocking her lifeless body. He said it was his hardest day in ministry.”

19. How I’m Surviving the Terrible Twos by : Angel

How I'm Surviving the Terrible Two's

“Let me offer this piece of advice… DO NOT WORRY ABOUT WHAT OTHERS THINK. When you are out in public and your child starts throwing a temper tantrum, remember that it does not make you a bad parent.”

18. 15 Things You’ll Forget After Having 4 Kids by Amanda

15 Things You'll Forget After Having 4 Kids- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

“You’ll forget to put shoes on your 3 year old, and you won’t realize it until you’ve already arrived (late) to church. Then you’ll shrug it off because 3 out of 4 fully dressed kids isn’t bad.”

17. 5 Corpus Christi Area Beaches Your Family NEEDS to Visit by Rachel

Catch a Wave- 5 Beaches You and Your Family Need to Visit in the Corpus Christi Area- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

“This little gem is not widely known.  Possibly because it is, technically, not it’s own beach.”

16. My Kids are Annoying by Mary

My Kids are Annoying- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

“Last night, #3 tooted at the dinner table.  Apparently, this was so funny that #1 laughed milk through his nose and #2 fell off his chair.”

15. I’m in Love with a Robot by Christin


“He’s been in my life for almost 2 years. Naturally he’s got lot of bumps and bruises because he’s a HARD worker!”

14. My Battle with Depression {Real Talk about My Demon} by Alecia


“I spent months fighting my demon, pretending it didn’t exist. Smiling, laughing, and cracking jokes were my weapon of choice. Yet the more I laughed, the louder he pounded at the door. Never crying, continually responding with the automated response ‘I’m fine.’”

13. Lessons Learned {My First Year of Motherhood} by Noranda

Lessons Learned- My First Year of Motherhood- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

“I have learned that people really do have the best of intentions, but it gets to a point where you need to smile, nod, and walk away. You need to follow your mama instincts.”

12. 35 Life Lessons I Want My Daughter to Know by Alecia


“Imagination is like a muscle. It has to be used and nurtured. Make up funny stories. Write silly songs. Pretend. Pretend. Pretend. Use that muscle, it actually comes in handy as an adult.”

11. What Not to Say to a Pregnant Mom by Amanda


“We’re all adults, and we all know how a woman gets pregnant. Whether it’s Baby #1 or Baby #4, they both deserve to be celebrated. Children are a gift, not a burden.”

10. Why I Don’t Let My Kids Quit by Janell

Don't Let My Kids Quit with Logo

“A few weeks into class, my daughter announced that she wanted to quit. She had been out of the ballet routine for two years, and she believed she was behind. She was frustrated, and did not think she could “catch up” with the other girls in the class.”

9. My Husband is NOT Dumb by Mary

My Husband is Not Dumb- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

“Turn on any TV show and the message is clear: Women are smart and boys are stoopid.

Now that I am a grown woman with a husband and 3 sons, I do not think boys are stupid.

I still think they smell. Because, dude. They STINK. Sometimes they stink on purpose. To entertain. But that’s another post.”

8. Great River Road {A Birth Story} by Kara


“I assumed my water had broken. This can’t be happening again, I remember thinking. Sadness began to overwhelm me. In my mind’s eye, I had created a vision of what I hoped this birth would be like, and there it was, crumbled, crushed in one second.”

7. When Your Birth Plan Doesn’t Go as Planned by Amanda

baby girl

“I remember holding her on my chest for the first time, something I had longed to do for months. In the midst of the joy of greeting our girl, I didn’t give the epidural much thought… Until I came home a few days later and my hormones were crazy, and I was very sleep deprived (wonderful combination!)”

6. My Son Wore a Helmet by Staci

My Son Wore a Bike Helmet Collage- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

“I know it sounds crazy. And you are right, it is crazy. It is crazy how much we love our children. It is crazy how we will do absolutely ANYTHING to keep them safe from harm, by any means necessary. It is crazy.”

5. Why Yes, I Do Have Three Boys, by Laura

little, boy, fishing, pier

“I often think about the days when they’ll be, let’s say, ages 14, 12, and 8. By then, they’ll probably be a little less rambunctious, a little less loud, a little less of a stampede when we are out in public… maybe. But when they are those ages, gone will be the days of my four-year-old’s hands cupping my face telling me how beautiful his mommy is. Gone will be the days of my sweet baby giving me open-mouthed kisses, belly giggles, and midnight snuggles.”

4. To My Dearest Firstborn by Kathie

To My Dearest Firstborn- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

“I often wish, looking back, that when I became your mother, I was also given a life coach, someone who will be there next to me, assuring me that I am doing the “right” thing in every situation with you… most days, your mommy really wishes someone would be there holding my hand, feeding me all the loving, nurturing and caring things to say, keeping me from getting angry or yelling at you.”

3. 14 Problems Only Corpus Christi Kids Have by Beth

cckidprobs-Parents Spent My College Savings- Corpus Christi Moms Blog- branded

“Kids growing up in Corpus Christi have unique problems. Did you ever stop to think about them?”

2. Help! My Kids are Too Close in Age! by Fiona


“What had I done? Why did I think 2 under 2 was a good idea? How do I leave the house with two babies? Why did I think I could do this alone?”

1. Kids Eat Free in Corpus Christi by Staci

Kids eat free in Corpus Christi

“Every mom loves a great deal, especially when it comes to feeding growing tots! So, checkout these Corpus Christi restaurants where your kids can eat FREE!”

What was your favorite post of 2016?

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