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Corpus Christi Moms Blog Needs YOU!

In Fall 2015, I was a brand new mom. Despite being a native of Corpus Christi, I felt unsure and insecure about what to do with a child in the Coastal Bend. I didn’t know how to find a local newborn photographer. I didn’t know where to find the best pediatrician. Where could I find the best local park? More than that, I was unsure how to make friends with other moms in our community.

I had more questions than answers but also knew I wanted to write and plug in with a larger community of moms. I did some research online and realized that City Moms Blog Network could provide the business model I sought and the community of resources I craved for moms in the Coastal Bend.

Since launching Corpus Christi Moms Blog, I have had the pleasure of meeting and being inspired by countless moms, both nationally, and in the Coastal Bend. I love reading their stories and learning from collective experiences that, despite being different, reinforce the truths that we are all so similar and can all be the perfect mom for our families.

Earlier this year, I was excited to attended my second annual City Moms Blog Network Conference. Like at the precious conference, I was awed, inspired, and energized by the moms in attendance. But I was also sad. I realized, though I’d love to continue serving in an ownership capacity for Corpus Christi Moms Blog, I needed to acknowledge my limits.

At my current phase in #momlife, I just don’t have the bandwidth to grow Corpus Christi Moms Blog into all it could be and do for local moms.

Corpus Christi Moms Blog New Owner

So, with high hopes of keeping Corpus Christi Moms Blog sustainable for our community, we’re searching for an energetic and capable new owner who can build upon what’s been created so far. We’d love to find a new owner who can take things to the next level, both for their own family, and for Coastal Bend moms.

City Moms Blog Network offers exciting opportunities to start new sites. However, Corpus Christi Moms Blog is already established. Over the last three years, I have poured my all into establishing partnerships and growing Corpus Christi Moms Blog into a resource and community for local moms and families. In fact, Corpus Christi Moms Blog has a history of sold out events including our Easter Egg Hunt, Bloom Event for New and Expecting Moms, and Breakfast with Santa. We have established community and client relationships, and well a growing contributor team that produces amazing insights and content.

It is my belief that a new owner {or owners} could step in and really run with the business and community platform that has been built.

Are you, or is someone you know, ambitious and passionate about connecting moms? Are you motivated to take on and grow a successful and impactful site?

Take advantage of this opportunity to feed your inner mom-boss while working around the needs of your family.

Corpus Christi Moms Blog was born of my passion for business, this community, and my desire to help and connect other moms who were going through something similar. And as a part of City Moms Blog Network, I was instantly connected with countless like minded moms across the country!

City Moms Blog Network is an incredible business opportunity for moms in any phase of motherhood, looking to take control of their work and family lives while leading their local mom-community. City Moms Blog Network provides business coaching, professional training, and ongoing support from their national team and fellow site owners are happy to assist. There is also a full tech-support team and a community of like-minded moms to help you along the way!

If owning your own business, making friends, and having fun while connecting and encouraging local moms sounds like fun, shoot me an email! We do have a few others interested in ownership, and partnership opportunities may be available.

Let’s get Corpus Christi Moms Blog into capable and energetic new hands!

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