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Quick Tips for Vacationing on Padre Island

North Padre IslandQueue the music, sound the alarm— it’s time to get your vacation on if you are one of the many that have the privilege of getting some time off. As a resident of the Island, I’ve got some good tips for making sure that your vacation stays nice, clean, and fun. 

One of the most sought after destinations for many of the people in South Texas is North Padre Island— and we are so here for it!

North Padre Island, or “The Island” as it is known for by its patrons, is rich with many beaches, restaurants, and activities, so it is no wonder that people put it on their list for vacation destinations. As a resident of The Island, I can say that we love our tourists. The tourists are what drive many of our local favorite restaurants like the Dragonfly and The Angry Marlin, but what we don’t like to see is the aftermath of some of the vacation goers we have had in recent years. But more on that later.

There is SO MUCH TO DO!

Let’s talk about what there is to do on North Padre Island. Obviously, there are plenty of water sports, fishing, and even horseback riding to be had on our fair land! 

Fishing: You can hang out at The Red Dot Pier and see what kind of fish come your way. It’s the first stop when you are coming over the bridge so it is hard to miss and many first-time fisherman/women love to hang out and watch as the boats go by. Secondly, we also have Marker 37 which just now reopened to people wanting to fish and sight-see. Located conveniently near two of the best restaurants, you can take many breath-taking photographs while fishing for your dinner. Catch something? Bring it on over to Doc’s Seafood and Steaks and they will prepare and cook it for you. What a treat! 

Water Sports: When you think water sports what comes to your mind? Are you looking to surf, paddleboard, or get some jet-skis? We have places you can rent from coming right into the island— check out our local businesses such as Nauticool Adventures and Beach Bum Cart Rentals to see what is available and plan your island adventure. Are you looking for something new? You can always take a tour of Mustang Island on-top of a horse— that’s right a horse! 

Relaxation: Sometimes people like to visit our island just to relax, and rightfully so! For those individuals that are trying to take it easy and just take in the scenery and the waves (and maybe a cocktail or two) we say visit any of our beaches. You can choose from Mustang Island, Big Shell/ Little Shell, Padre Island National Seashore, or stay close to the bridge and hang out near Whitecap. Here is a great guide to packing for your beach trip! Whatever you choose, be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen and your sunglasses!  We have an additional list of things to in our Visitor’s Guide

Food is my favorite.

Let’s talk food, my favorite subject. For anyone that is a foodie or just likes to eat, our island has something to offer for everyone. Breakfast is always best in heaping portions and depending on what you are into we have a little bit of everything. You can start your day at La Palma or La Isla Mexican restaurants for some fantastic traditional Mexican breakfasts that consist of breakfast tacos, frijoles, migas, and more. Not your scene? That’s OK— we have great German breakfast options at JB’s German Bakery & Cafe, or if you want to try an exciting brunch with music try out breakfast on the weekends at Eats Epicurea of Mikel May’s. For lunch or dinner, try out something different— maybe lounge and get to know the people at Island Time or hang out with the kind folks over at Rock N Rolls Sushi Lounge, the choice is yours. Check out our complete guide to Restaurants on The Island here.

One Last Request:

Here is the low-down: many people that vacation to another destination other than their own forget that it is somebody else’s home. That’s right, people actually live in the spots that you love to go to a couple of times a year. With that being said, that is exactly what we see as residents of North Padre Island when tourists come into town, and we hate to be exceptionally critical, but let’s face it, sometimes a guest can be pretty messy. That’s why it is crucial to us residents that our visitors pay close attention to their trash and be mindful of those who live and call this place home. We have organizations in our area that help with this, but the first place it should start with is you, after all, you would not want someone trashing your home. So, if you are a first time visitor or even someone who is returning, please ensure that you stay accountable and pick up all of your trash— we greatly appreciate it! 

Those are my tips and tricks for our lovely island living, which we love to share with any visitors. In fact, our friend wrote this awesome “Perfect Day in the Island” article! For more information, please feel free to check out our open Facebook page called North Padre Islanders. See you around! 

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