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Why I want a second child

Why I Want a Second Child

I am a new mom to a beautiful 7 month old baby girl. Inevitably one of the top questions my wife and I get asked is are we going to have another child. The answer is yes, but for us this is a complicated question.  My half brother and I grew up in different households. […]

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The Struggle of an Only Child Raising Siblings

The Struggles of an Only Child Raising Siblings

Although I technically have siblings {a half-sister and four step-brothers} I was my mom’s only child. I also never lived with any of my siblings for an extended amount of time, so I feel like my experience growing up is closer to that of an only child. This isn’t something that I gave much thought […]

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Bringing Up BeBe : Book Review

Book Review: Bringing Up Bebe

When I first became pregnant I had every intention of reading all the best parenting books and narrowing approaches down to the ones that I thought would work best, two books later and one semester of grad school and I decided to wing it. What I quickly discovered is every parenting book boasts that they […]

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Team Early Bedtime FTW!

From the beginning my son has been a ridiculously early riser. I am talking 5:45am ridiculous! Once he was sleeping through the night in his own room, I tried EVERYTHING to get him to sleep longer, but nothing worked. It did not matter if I put him down at midnight, he would still wake up […]

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Happy birthday to you! (1)

Why we don’t limit our kids screen time

Screen time for kids can be a source of multiple opinions and heated debates. There are many arguments both for and against the use of screens – specially for kids. They seem to raise lots of anxiety among parents, some shame, and even guilt for allowing our kids use screens more than what we think […]

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Guest Post : The Joys of Being a Guncle

  Editor’s Note: I’m so, so, SO excited to introduce Steve Garcia to our readers. I met Steve in 2009 when I was performing in a community theatre production. We became instant friends. Ten years later – and so many curve balls of life thrown into our paths – I’m so thankful that he and […]

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