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I MyGirlfriends

On why we NEED our Girlfriends..

I recently got the amazing opportunity to get away, without my family, on a long weekend trip to Mexico with my girlfriends. We were celebrating the upcoming marriage of one of them…but let’s be honest…we could have been celebrating the color blue for all I cared. It was a weekend, away, WITH MY GIRLFRIENDS!! How […]

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For the Love of a Dog

Are you considering adopting a dog? Are your children begging for a dog? Adding a dog into your family is a big decision, definitely not an easy decision, but it can be one of the best decisions for your family. Let me introduce you to Bodhi, our nine year-old golden retriever. I consider him my […]

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Hands of change

Where there is HOPE there is LOVE {when the world is heavy with despair }

Hurricanes Earthquakes Fires Shootings Despair Remembering…   I’ve had a heavy heart lately. Each morning I wake up and watch the news. It’s heavy, real heavy, full of natural disasters and a mass shooting.  I look at the social media which is heavy with photos and reports of death and suffering. Such sadness in the […]

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