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stop fighting over money: coastal bend moms

6 Tips to Stop Fighting Over Money

Do you fight with your spouse over money? Here are 6 tips to stop fighting, and feel united over your family finances. Many people talk about how magical the first year of marriage is. Don’t get me wrong we had many wonderful memories our first few years of marriage, but we also fought. A LOT. […]

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military wife

Confessions from a Military Wife

I just need to write about some things that are weighing heavy on my heart tonight. Sometimes I think we take advantage of our military spouses. I say this as a veteran and a spouse. I say this as someone who respects and admires the work that my husband does. I say this as someone […]

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I'm not the primary parent anymore __ Corpus Christi Moms Blog

I’m not the Primary Parent Anymore

This past summer my husband and I hit the roughest of rough spots in our marriage. It kind of took me by surprise, I mean, we are on year 7, I thought we had this marriage stuff down? But the truth was, we had fallen into the role of primary parent (me) and dad who […]

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You should have said something

“You Should Have Said Something”

This one may sting a little, but I feel like it needs to be said. #sorrynotsorry Many times when I have reached my breaking point, and I can no longer handle the daily load without exploding, I am met with this sentence: “You should have said something!” Sometimes my friends help me unload a little, […]

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Movies I Love

Movie Love: Films I Adore

So, last week, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I got to thinking about some of my favorite love stories/movies. So typical, some, well….not what you might think of as a love story. Regardless of what genre you might categorize them as – they are all, in my opinion, top notch options for an at home […]

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Loving my Imperfectly Perfect Life

Fall and the new year are always an exciting time for my family…I turn a year older (maybe not so exciting) and we celebrate another year of marriage….or, as I lovingly like to say, another year of not murdering each other. I kid. Kinda. 😉 As I went searching for the “perfect” picture to post […]

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