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Terrible Twos : Coastal Bend Mom Collective

Managing the Emotions of Terrible Twos

What are the terrible twos?   Listen guys. I have heard the term terrible twos about a million times, AND. I. HATE. IT. It implies that things magically get easier with time. They don’t. They change and you adapt, but what are the terrible twos and what can we do about it?   **Disclaimer** I […]

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Extended Breastfeeding and Body Issues

From the moment I found out about my first pregnancy, I could not wait to breastfeed my baby. I told my husband even before we planned to have kids, that when we did have children, I had my heart set on breastfeeding. Luckily, he was fully supportive of my decision and was very helpful in […]

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How I'm Surviving the Terrible Two's

How I’m Surviving the Terrible Twos

I remember my son’s second birthday very well. It was a Mickey Mouse themed party with the usual cake, ice cream and presents. But I also remember that shortly after his birthday, he said the dreaded word “no.” And then, slowly, his personality started to shine through. The Terrible Two’s had arrived. I remember the […]

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