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33 Resources for Teens

33 Resources for Teens during Social Quarantine

Resources for Teens During Social Quarantine Entertaining our babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers is tough. But also tough: keeping our teenagers feeling connected, inspired, and emotionally stable during this time. Teenagers are social beings and, as parents, we know that we are usually the last people they want to spend all of their time with. Navigating […]

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3 Reasons My Teenager Won't Babysit

Three Reasons My Teenager Won’t Babysit

“Does anyone have a high schooler that would be willing to babysit for me this weekend?” I’m a member of a few mom Facebook groups and I see this question all of the time.If you counted these posts, you might assume that an industrious high schooler would be able to maintain a respectable weekend hustle […]

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Featured Image __ Talking to Teenagers __ Corpus Christi Moms Blog

Talking to my Teenager | A New Approach

Nobody told me that talking to my teenager would feel like re-learning the steps to a dance with a few new tricky steps. I didn’t know that my questions of  “How did your day go?” would be answered with a distracted, “It was good” as my son scrolled his Instagram feed after school. Nobody tells […]

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FEATURED IMAGE_ Teen Coed Sleepover _ Corpus Christi Moms Blog

Teen Coed Sleepovers: Yay or Nay?

Sleepovers are fun for boys and girls. Back in the day, I had so much fun with girlfriends giggling all night, watching scary movies, eating junk food and gossiping. However, growing up in the 70s and 80s, it was just all girls. No coed sleepovers happening here! My youngest son, who is 12, really enjoys […]

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Interview with my Tween

{Editor’s Note: This blog post was written many months ago. Mackenzie is now a 7th grader and will be thrilled that this is finally being published.} So, I decided to do something a little different for this post. I interviewed my twelve year old. I asked her a series of questions to try and understand […]

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