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Shark Teeth

Shark Teeth: This wasn’t in the baby book!

Shark Teeth. No, it’s not a follow up song to Baby Shark.  Here’s the scoop: My five-year-old was eating breakfast one morning, when I noticed he was digging in his mouth. I asked him if had something stuck in his teeth and he said yes. I opened up his mouth to find this:  What in […]

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celebrating the end of school (1)

Celebrating the End of the School Year At Home

Like a lot of the rest of the country, Texas schools are not resuming their 2019-2020 year in the classroom. They will continue distance learning until the last day of the school year.  I personally have been prepping my first grader of this possibility from the very beginning, so the news did not come as […]

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Teaching kids to manage money _ Coastal Bend Moms _ Corpus Christi

Teaching our Kids to Manage Money

The Importance of Teaching our Kids to Manage their own Money How and When to Start? Our oldest child is six. And, like most six-year-olds, she asks for a lot of things. And even though she understands the basics of how our family budgets our money, she still has a lot to learn. (If you […]

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Life lessons kids should know : Corpus Christi : Coastal Bend Moms

10 Life Lessons Kids Should Know

Homeschooling? Include some Life Lessons! As we navigate the do’s and dont’s of homeschooling, now it a great time to teach your kids some life lessons. What are life lessons? Things they can learn now to help them later in life when they are grown. Also, things that they may not learn in school.   […]

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