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For the Love of a Dog

Are you considering adopting a dog? Are your children begging for a dog? Adding a dog into your family is a big decision, definitely not an easy decision, but it can be one of the best decisions for your family. Let me introduce you to Bodhi, our nine year-old golden retriever. I consider him my […]

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The Fitness Struggle is Real- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

The Fitness Struggle is Real

As a mom, fitness is a struggle. We have competing needs, limited time for self, and too many sleepless nights. A commitment to a fitness routine requires creativity, flexibility, and dedication. You will have to choose workouts over competing interests and needs (sleep, TV, phone, books, cleaning), and your desire to workout may not always […]

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Kid-Friendly Hikes in the Coastal Bend

Let’s be honest. Hiking with young children is not always easy nor always enjoyable. Many hikes end with me holding one or both boys and cheering them to finish strong as they complain that they’re tired/hungry/done. However, despite the challenges, I’ve never regretted getting outside with my kids to explore and appreciate nature. I didn’t […]

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Why I Date My Husband

I genuinely enjoy my husband’s company. I think he is hilarious, smart, thoughtful, and good-looking. When we were dating, we could talk for hours and never ran out of things to say. Once married, some of my favorite memories with him are our road trip conversations, dreaming of our unknown future together. However, since the […]

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Learning to Love Every Stage

Do you catch yourself wishing your little one was still a newborn cuddled in your arms? Or are you dreaming of future days when your children can walk or talk or just make their own lunches? It is in our nature as mothers to look back at certain stages of our children’s lives lovingly and […]

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