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Boys: The World Needs Them

On March 8th, a lot of people posted about International Women’s Day. In all honesty, I am not very familiar with ALL the details of this day. I have never experienced oppression first hand. Never have I been denied service or been treated differently just because I am a woman. However, I do know there […]

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Small Steps, Big Change

Motherhood and life can be overwhelming. We are all doing our best, figuring out how we can improve every day, in every area of our life. Sometimes after thinking about it, we are left feeling inadequate and exhausted. This has been me the past few days. I started the year strong, but as life just […]

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First date!

Remember Our First Date?

February brings with it all the love feelings. But love matters all year long! I wrote this account of our first date about five years after it happened. I’m surprised at how well I remembered the details back then! It was a beautiful time that I cherish in my heart. I like reading other people’s […]

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Unconditional Love Crying Child- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

Unconditional Love is for Crying Kids Too

You’re a mom, you’ve been there. No matter how much you swore your kid would never even cry in public, before you had kids. Here you are, in the middle of the store, the mall, the park, etc., dealing with a full blown melt down. You can feel all the eyes on you.  Looks of […]

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Baby Evan's hand

Not as Planned {The Truth About My Birth Stories}

We live in the information era. Information about anything and everything is at our finger tips. It can be a wonderful thing when you are researching the “best cake recipe” or “top 3 presents for infants.” However, it can also prompt comparison and a sense that someone else’s story is better than ours. This happens […]

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Life is good with them in it!

How to Make a Resolution in a Word

Picking a word to set the tone for the new year is not a novel concept. I heard about it on the radio back in 2012 and decided to adopt the idea instead of a New Year’s Resolutions. The premise is simple. I pick a word or a phrase that I want to live by […]

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