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I Just Wanna Shop and You Will Too! Corpus Christi Moms Blog

I Just Wanna Shop… and You Will Too!

Ladies, I love to shop! My husband even goes as far to say that it is my hobby and actually, I can’t disagree with that, I’m really good at it! But I guess I should be a little more specific, because I do NOT like to shop for cars, groceries or bras… ugh, I loathe […]

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We're Better Together- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

We’re Better Together

January 20, 2017 was a day that truly opened my eyes to the situation in our country. (And no, this is not a piece shaming the current or former president, so if you are looking for that kind of article, please look elsewhere.) In fact, shockingly so, this isn’t even a piece about our government, […]

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Teeth are Gross- And What's With Our Tooth Fairy- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

Teeth are Gross. And What’s with Our Tooth Fairy?

Teeth gross me out! I could NEVER be a dentist! All that scraping  and drilling! Yuck! Gag!  I figured since I didn’t not choose that career path, I’d be set. No nasty teeth dealings (other than my own 2 yearly visits) for me! Ha! I somehow forgot that when you have kids, teeth come into the […]

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Daddy can fix it- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

“Daddy Can Fix It!”

I must admit, I have never been very handy. If something is hard to take apart or fix, I often times ALWAYS seek my husband’s assistance. My excuse is that I never had Legos as a child (see this post to understand.) So therefore, the part of my brain that understands how to fix or create something […]

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An Open Letter to My Son's New Teacher- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

An Open Letter to My Son’s New Teacher

To my son’s 2nd grade teacher, I promise I had good intentions, I really did! I bought workbooks, flashcards and took multiple trips to the library to check out reading books. I had plans to work a little everyday with my son on things like math, reading and writing, to name a few. I figured THIS would […]

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