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What Not to Say to a Pregnant Mom

I am currently 40 weeks pregnant with our fourth baby as I write this post. I had debated writing it at all, because I didn’t want to appear like I was being overly critical, but I think it needs to be shared. Please know that I am able to laugh about these experiences now, but […]

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How to Keep Date Night {Even when it’s Hard}

Date Night. We all know it’s important, we know we should have a consistent date night, and we want to be able to go out with our spouse on a regular basis… But sometimes it’s just not realistic. There are so many different scenarios that could hinder some much needed quality time with your spouse, […]

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Battle of the Vegetables

I always seem to run into a problem when my kids start to transition from pureed fruits and vegetables to solid foods. I could never seem to get them to eat their solid vegetables. They would love pureed peas, carrots, and squash, but when I tried to get them to eat the same cooked vegetables […]

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Taste the Earth and Sunshine- Start a Family Vegetable Garden, Corpus Christi Moms Blog

Taste the Earth and Sunshine {Start a Family Vegetable Garden}

I was asked by my brother in law to describe the taste of a fresh garden tomato. I closed my eyes and said, “it tastes like earth and sunshine: a perfect combination!” There’s something about a homegrown tomato that you just can’t find in any grocery store. One of my favorite things to do when […]

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