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Why I Date My Husband

I genuinely enjoy my husband’s company. I think he is hilarious, smart, thoughtful, and good-looking. When we were dating, we could talk for hours and never ran out of things to say. Once married, some of my favorite memories with him are our road trip conversations, dreaming of our unknown future together. However, since the […]

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Help! My Kid Won't Sleep- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

Help! My Son is a Terrible Sleeper

My son is 23 months old. And he’s a terrible sleeper. In an attempt to survive, we’ve created some sleep associations that are less than ideal. I get that, and will probably get that feedback after publishing this post. But I also feel we’ve tried it all. And nothing works. Before my son was born, […]

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Learning to Love Every Stage

Do you catch yourself wishing your little one was still a newborn cuddled in your arms? Or are you dreaming of future days when your children can walk or talk or just make their own lunches? It is in our nature as mothers to look back at certain stages of our children’s lives lovingly and […]

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Unconditional Love Crying Child- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

Unconditional Love is for Crying Kids Too

You’re a mom, you’ve been there. No matter how much you swore your kid would never even cry in public, before you had kids. Here you are, in the middle of the store, the mall, the park, etc., dealing with a full blown melt down. You can feel all the eyes on you.  Looks of […]

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The Heart of Our Family- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

The Heart of Our Family

It was my third pregnancy. I had two very easy, uncomplicated ones before it. The time came for the big 20 week ultrasound….no big deal. I even remember telling my husband, who usually came for most of the ultrasounds, to stay at work. We were about 15 minutes in when the stenographer excused herself to […]

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You Can Set the Tone- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

You Set the Tone

I’m not going to lie. Motherhood has been a struggle for me. Not just lately. It has always been a struggle. I feel like so many moms are amazing at it. And as I watch their “amazing day” highlight reels on social media, I feel like I’m lost. My struggles seem amplified and so much […]

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Corpus Christi Moms Blog Contributor Team- Harbor Bridge- Meg Hodge Photography

Join Our Writing Team {Open Contributor Call}

Are you a local mom with something to say? Since launching in 2016, Corpus Christi Moms Blog has grown its community of contributing writers into a group of moms with diverse experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives. We are always excited to share ideas on all things motherhood, from holiday crafts and recipes to local date night […]

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