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School Days Roundup

School Days Roundup- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

School Days are full of busyness, but they are also great opportunities for learning, fun, and memory making.

Here, we share some of our favorite posts to help you find ideas, inspiration, and perspective during the school year.


The Parenting Decision I Never Question: Choosing to Homeschool by Stacie

“So as time went by, I couldn’t imagine not being there to experience his joy at delighting in the world.  I couldn’t imagine handing him off to a trained professional who, while extremely capable of educating and often wonderfully talented at teaching, wouldn’t know all the idiosyncrasies of my little person.”

That Crazy Thing Called Homeschool by Pam

“Our reasons behind homeschooling have evolved over time.  What started as a protective instinct to keep our little boys away from the bullies has turned into what I refer to as a calling.  As we have grown in our faith, so has our commitment to homeschooling.”

Homeschooling: Myths Debunked! by Kara

“For us, the ability to move at our own pace, whether fast or slow, is an integral part of why we chose homeschooling. There are days that we completely fail at being productive. Other days are smooth and steady.”


Never Forget Our Third Grade Adventure: A Letter to My Students by Emily

“I watched you transform this year, the unsure, brand new third graders that entered my classroom that first day are walking out as giants. Fourth grade is a journey you will be taking without me, but I am confident you have gained the knowledge you will need to succeed.”

Why I Don’t Let My Kids Quit by Janell

“A few weeks into class, my daughter announced that she wanted to quit. She had been out of the ballet routine for two years, and she believed she was behind. She was frustrated, and did not think she could “catch up” with the other girls in the class.”

Meal and Snack Ideas

Fun, Easy Kid Approved School Lunches by Alecia

“Making a list helps our morning routine go so much easier. Each night, we go through the list and decide what we will be packing for lunch the next day. It takes a lot of the stress out of the morning.”

Go-To Healthy Snack Ideas by Amy

“Long gone are the days of mushy bananas and almonds! Now’s a great time to get some healthy snack ideas that will keep you energized all day long, mama! Your kids may just buy into the “healthy” side of snacks, too.”

Vegetable Adventure by Bethany

“My mom makes my kids “meals” when we visit.  My eldest thinks these are the best!  “No one makes meals like Granny,” she says.”

Quick, Easy {Allergy Friendly} Chocolate Banana Walnut Breakfast Cookies by Beth

Disclaimer: I am not fancy. I bake with one goal in mind: Feed my family something quick, easy, tasty, and allergy friendly. That said, I do not use more dishes than necessary. I do not mix wet and dry ingredients separately. I dump, mix, cook, and run on to the next thing.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner! {Our Favorite Chicken Teriyaki Recipe} by Amanda

“Y’all… this is so good you could make it once a week!

(Yes, we’ve been having it once a week without any complaints since I discovered it.) It’s healthy, easy, and kid-friendly! My three boys (5 years old and younger) went crazy over it, and my husband and I love it.”


Do’s and Don’ts for Back to School by Emily

“Emotions are varied, you might be ecstatic that your kids will finally be out of the house or devastated that your little baby is growing up too fast.  As you and your children prepare to go back to the classroom, here are a few tips on how to handle those first few days. And how not to.”

Back to School: Preparing for an Awesome Year by Janell

“I have three children attending elementary. It takes a lot of planning and self-discipline just to get everybody out the front door each morning. If I didn’t have a plan and a routine in place, I might go a bit crazy. I will share with you a few tips that I find helpful in preparing our family for a new school year.”

Kick Start Your Year: Back to School Tips by Noranda

“Coming from the perspective of a former teacher, I thought I would share what we teachers would love for students to do and have before that first day starts back up and all of the craziness hits.”

Teacher Appreciation

Dear Parents: A Teacher’s View on Teacher Appreciation Week by Vanessa

“Your children are important to me and I’m working hard for them.  I know all teachers work hard for their students.  They’re all we talk about!”

Treat Your Teachers to Something Special by Janell

“If shopping for gifts is not your thing, no problem. There are other ways to treat your teachers, too! Trust me, teachers will appreciate these treats just as much, if not more!”

Finding the Perfect End of the Year Gift for Teachers by Janell

“I asked several of my friends who are teachers which gifts they love to receive, and what gifts they get every year. I heard many similar responses from different teachers, and I had to share them with you.”

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