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Motherhood: Where Your “Perfect Effort” is Definitely OK

I’ve been a mom for a long time.  Thirty-two years to be exact.  Have I treasured every single moment of motherhood?  The smiling, I love being a mommy, side of me would say, “oh yes, even the worst days were worth it.” The honest, let’s be real, side of me will tell you “probably not.” […]

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Sacrificing Sleep

The other day, I got to take a nap.  (Cue the angels singing!)  This is not a casual occurrence.  It’s rare.  It’s winning the lotto rare.  So, you may be asking yourself, how did this happen? Well, let me tell you.  My body said STOP.  It said stop as I was driving my daughter home […]

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National Margarita Day is a Thing!

Wednesday, February 22nd is National Margarita Day. I’ll pause for a bit so you can type that date in your calendar. Go ahead. I’ll wait here. Are you back? Cool. Let’s keep this public service announcement going, shall we? February 22nd is the day we honor the gift from the alcohol gods, the Mighty Margarita. […]

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Momma Comparison It's No Good- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

Momma Comparison. It’s No Good

Comparison, it’s an easy world to live in. Social media, TV shows, parenting groups, and even going about your daily business. Those questions you ask yourself creep into your head. “Why can’t my kids act that way?” “I wish I could look that good after giving birth.” or how about this one, “Why can’t I […]

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Welcome to the club- Beyonce- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

Welcome to the Club Beyoncé!

Our Story I started writing this post many many months ago, but then got distracted.  A recent twitter pic of a rather famous mamma-to-be brought the memories flooding back!  I have told the story of our pregnancy about a billion times, and it is always with a smile and fondness that I think about that […]

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